* I’m currently off the blog until March some time since I am moving from the UAE to Australia. For more details, just check the post right after this one (or click here)¬†ūüôā Also, I am alive and kicking on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat (ID: shehzeen-r) and Instastories¬†(@shehzeenr on Instagram) asRead More →

Terribly excited about sharing¬†a life update with you guys, that honestly even Nabeel and I are internalizing only now that it‚Äôs right on the verge of happening. I‚Äôm sipping chai as I¬†type this, feeling¬†emotional, excited, nervous, giddy,¬†happy and borderline¬†like a kachoomar salad.Read More →

Hi guyssss.¬†Sorry for going MIA on the blog on Friday and Monday – I had family trips lined up and even though I planned it out well but some last minute stuff came up and I couldn’t get done with this post on time. So I thought to screw everything,Read More →

I’m¬†about to explode. My sister who gave birth to the love of my life, my laddoo baby niece, Raanya, is stopping over in Dubai¬†for the weekend¬†and I get to yummy up with the baby¬†like a NUT, before anyone else from my family gets access (lulz, sorry¬†guys).¬†My sister’s¬†mostly going to beRead More →

Yoohoo. When¬†I did the guest room/studio/room-of-my-very-efficient-work-dreams, a lot of you asked me about seeing the space done up when we were expecting guests. So¬†today very¬†quickly, I’m going to take you through how we change things up to host people staying over and how it works out overall. Before anything else,Read More →