Tan kohlapuris that Sidra got for me from her Pakistan trip. I was literally crippled without one, I always, always need a nude/camel colored pair. I’d broken my favorite ones while running around one day like a psycho (not sure why though), now going to break in this pair and make it all worn outRead More →

Hey guys. So I’m considering doing a monthly favorites kind of post where I share with you guys some stuff that I’ve really been liking (could be anything, accessories/clothing/cosmetics, etc). Except that it won’t necessarily be monthly, totally dependent on whether I have something that I like enough at thatRead More →

Alright. So I get a ton of questions about my hair all the time and I know I keep making promises of doing a full hair post so I think it’s about time? I’m sharing EVERYTHING related to my own hair routine, the bad phase I had with my hairRead More →

I pretty much wear the same makeup for everything. Work meetings, grocery store, fancy dinner, friends place, it’s all operating on the same tangent. If I have to put in a little extra, I’ll switch my eyeliner from ‘thick’ to ‘slightly more thick’ but that’s about it, guys. That’s what we’re working with.Read More →

#1. I’m such a lover of making the bed every morning. I can’t start my day without it and if by some nightmare accident, I have to leave home without doing it and only return late at night, I will still make it before getting into it to sleep (don’t worry,Read More →