First of all, congratulations to all Pakistanis, even the ones who don’t want it, lulz (reference, country politics). So I spent all of this week sorting my shit out – blog work, home chores, food situation. Though it’s super fun to have family visit, you also fall into an abyssRead More →

You know how you see all those gorgeous images of women wearing nude/dull/neutral lipcolors, yet looking like they drank the blood of five thousand virgins and glowing from a mystery place called ‘within’? Nope, not me. I’ve always struggled to find decent neutral shades for myself that are there but not quite; look good butRead More →

The other day on a random hangout with friends over shisha and chai, I suggested we try something different versus the usual discussion/small talk/getting-lost-into-our-phones thing we do. I told everyone I’ll pick a random question and we’ll go around the table and everyone has to answer it. Nothing controversial, just simpleRead More →

Nabeel often sends me pictures of his lunch tray at work (sounds lame but in our defense, we both appreciate looking at food). So one day he sends me the usual tray shot but there was something which made me immediately zoom in and ask, ‘what is that?’ I’m a pasta lover with dangerousRead More →

#1. So this woman paints her prosthetic leg, travels across Europe and writes down the name of each place with colored chalk right on it (and at times uses it as a brilliant prop). Doing travel better than any of us, to be honest. Loved it. #2. Free tropical printable for youRead More →