Terribly excited about sharing a life update with you guys, that honestly even Nabeel and I are internalizing only now that it’s right on the verge of happening. I’m sipping chai as I type this, feeling emotional, excited, nervous, giddy, happy and borderline like a kachoomar salad.Read More →

Hi guyssss. Sorry for going MIA on the blog on Friday and Monday – I had family trips lined up and even though I planned it out well but some last minute stuff came up and I couldn’t get done with this post on time. So I thought to screw everything,Read More →

I’m about to explode. My sister who gave birth to the love of my life, my laddoo baby niece, Raanya, is stopping over in Dubai for the weekend and I get to yummy up with the baby like a NUT, before anyone else from my family gets access (lulz, sorry guys). My sister’s mostly going to beRead More →

Yoohoo. When I did the guest room/studio/room-of-my-very-efficient-work-dreams, a lot of you asked me about seeing the space done up when we were expecting guests. So today very quickly, I’m going to take you through how we change things up to host people staying over and how it works out overall. Before anything else,Read More →

1. Hi. I’d like to stay in this magical treehouse, thanks. It’s Airbnb’s most popular listing, but more than anything I fell in love with the intent behind this place and the owner’s thoughts about it – he has the most widely requested property on Airbnb and yet doesn’t want to expand. What aRead More →