Current kitchen whiteboard vibes at our apartment, heh (it’s my artwork, thanks). The past few days Nabeel and I spent catching up with life back here in Dubai. Going away for a bit and then coming back home always feels so familiar yet new – going back to your usual hangouts,Read More →

Getting back to regular programming, doing something easy and relaxed today. Sharing a new addition to our apartment that’s been making my day ever since it got here. A mirror disco ball. Quite some time ago I randomly saw a picture somewhere on the internet of someone’s apartment where they had aRead More →

I browsed through my phone and found I had just enough images to do a little walk through with you guys so doing a little photo story of our Hajj today (hope no one starts snoozing midway). But first, can I just thank you guys for the terribly generous messages on myRead More →

Oh my god, you guys! I’VE MISSED TALKING TO YOU ALL (please urgently confirm the same for me otherwise this could turn out to be a very unhealthy relationship). SO. Over the past three weeks, Nabeel and I went and did the one thing we’d been wanting to do for yearsRead More →

Hey everybody. Just wanted to come say a quick hi and let you know that I’ll be taking a break from the internet for some time. I’ll be switching off from the blog and all social media for a little over three weeks; will share details once I’m back. I hope to be inRead More →