Am insanely grateful for all the interest in the blog and for some of the more commonly asked questions, here are some quick answers.


Where do you live?
Living in Dubai right now.

Where are you originally from?
I was born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan where I lived with a set of two parents and three siblings. I then moved out to Karachi for work and lived there for about 6 years. I call both cities home and love them equally and comparing one with the other puts me to sleep faster than hearing some people talk about their kids’ pooping cycles.

Who lives with you?
This guy I met about 10 years ago (yikes) and seemed like he could put up with my attention-seeking tactics and bad jokes so I convinced him that I’m the one. Been married 5 years and he realizes now that I lied. I feel for him, but it’s too late.

Why didn’t you change your last name after getting married? 
Well, my husband didn’t either and I always need a partner in crime for everything so, no.

Do you have children?
Don’t see any around so I guess, no.

Why the blog name?
Have honestly no idea why. I started this for fun and with some completely different objective in mind. Gradually it evolved into what it is today. Felt too late to change the name, so it’s stuck since. In retrospect, I would’ve picked a different name but now I’m attached to it, so it’s staying.

How long have you been blogging?
3 years.



Who takes your photographs?
The ones I’m not in, I take myself. The rest are sometimes tripod, sometimes courtesy husband.

What kind of camera do you use?
I’ve got a Nikon D5000 that my husband had gifted to me at one of my work promotions and I’ve had it since. I used to have two Nikon lens 18-75mm and 75-200mm but they were a pain to juggle with. So I got a Tamron 16-300 mm lens recently and have been happy with it since. I’m not a professional so anything works for me, really. I also use the Samsung NX mini for quick photos.

What other equipment do you use for taking photographs?
Sometimes I use a Manfrotto tripod when I’ve eaten too much, can’t hold myself together and require artificial balance.

What software do you use for photo editing?
Photoshop for putting text on my images and general color correction.

Where is your site hosted?
Hosted on Blogger. Domain on GoDaddy.

Who did your website design?
I picked up a simple template from somewhere on the internet and spiced it up. It basically looks nothing like what it was before, but it had a good layout so I went with it.



How can I advertise on your blog?
Mail me at thedesiwonderwoman@gmail.com and we can talk.

How do you charge for blog ads?
I have flat rates for ad spaces. I can share with you my ad kit. Email me.



What’s your policy on working with brands?
Strictly the stuff I like and would personally use myself. I will not force-fit your product. Tell me what you have in mind and if I love it, I’d love to write about it.

How can I contact you for a collaboration?
Email at thedesiwonderwoman@gmail.com.

What are your charges for sponsored content?
I’ve got a media kit that should answer all your questions so mail me about your product and I’ll send it your way.

Will you share a press release with your readers if I mail it to you?
No. (unless it’s information that’s so exciting that the universe will self-destruct without it)

Will you share it if we provide compensation?
Still, no. (Because I don’t want to sound like a robot and prefer to keep it original. Imagine me saying this very respectfully.)

How can I send you samples of my product?
Email me at thedesiwonderwoman@gmail.com and I’ll share contact details.

If I send you free samples of my product, will you definitely feature them?
If I like them, of course, BUT depending on when it’s right for the blog. If not, then sadly no.

If you don’t like my free samples and/or are not going to feature them, will you return them?
Unfortunately, no so please send them of your own choice.



Will you guest blog for us?
Tell me what you have in mind and let us talk. If you promise to not edit me to the point of no recognition, we can be friends.

Can I guest blog for you?
Right now, no. I have a particular writing style preference and I don’t want to edit you down and kill your spirit. So until I can find something that matches my vibe, the doors are closed on this.



Can I use your content on my blog/website? 
Of course. But please remember to link back to the post and blog. If you don’t, that would be nasty and you know your mama raised you better.

If you’ve got more questions, you should just check the ‘Get In Touch’ page and we’ll sort it all out. 


  1. how do you earn a living through blogging? this concept escapes me completely… I love the fact that one can sit at home, write about stuff and earn to boost! So enlighten me 🙂

  2. plz a post about earning money online via blogging pleaseeeeeeee

  3. Something I always wanted to know too…how does one make money through blogging.Blog on that , pleaseeee!Love the fact that you will only promote stuff that you are comfortable with and have some worth in your everyday life. Keep it up!

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