Never leaving the couch this weekend. Had a partially chaotic last week so my current grand plans include lying horizontally at various locations around the apartment, napping, ignoring social contact and staring into space with much passion. Hope to get some slow chores done around the house, catch up on some reading andRead More →

If you’re ready to have your heart voluntarily explode into a gazillion pieces, welcome, you will not be disappointed. A few months ago, some of you may remember, I ran a giveaway on the blog where I got together with some photographers and had their professional photoshoots up for winning. The winners could book sessions with thoseRead More →

Starting off a new series on the blog ‘In My Closet’ where we’re all going to meet one girl (or boy) and have a grounded, honest, soulful conversation about her style, beauty regimens, body confidence and overall acceptance for herself. I wrote about it in detail here  (or here) soRead More →

HI EVERYBADY. I’m terribly excited to post today because I’ve got lots of things happening with the blog and pretty ecstatic to finally start sharing everything I’ve been planning with you guys. Come, let’s have a quick conversation. We hit 50,000 people on Facebook yesterday! Woohooo. Facebook continues to be my favoritest medium for sharing stuffRead More →

Note: Couldn’t post the ‘Fridays’ post because of a personal emergency. Sorry about that!  #1. What a stunning project, you guys. A Romanian photographer traveled the world and photographed different kinds of women to show the diversity across our globe and has captured the most beautiful images that truly show the uniqueness of each individual.Read More →