Yoohoo. When I did the guest room/studio/room-of-my-very-efficient-work-dreams, a lot of you asked me about seeing the space done up when we were expecting guests. So today very quickly, I’m going to take you through how we change things up to host people staying over and how it works out overall. Before anything else,Read More →

1. Hi. I’d like to stay in this magical treehouse, thanks. It’s Airbnb’s most popular listing, but more than anything I fell in love with the intent behind this place and the owner’s thoughts about it – he has the most widely requested property on Airbnb and yet doesn’t want to expand. What aRead More →

Wearing these pjs (from Sweet Dreams) as much as I can because I know my sister will take them away from me, when we meet (soon). I’M SO HIGH, YOU GUYS. From the award, your messages, all the love and support, I’m FLYING. I feel like I just cannot thank everybody enough but I’llRead More →

You guysssss, I won the Best Blogger at Masala Awards last night and YOU GUYS MADE IT HAPPEN. *CUE KEYBOARD SCREAMING AND MULTIPLE EXCLAMATION MARKS*. Five thousand japhis. Ten thousand pappis. I am writing to you as personally as it can get. It’s my first EVER award (and maybe the last, who knows)Read More →

I work from home, as many of you may be aware, and after having done it for 4+ years I’m pretty much well settled with it. I have my own home office, a home studio now as well and pretty much have a set schedule from 9 to 6 (ish) that I followRead More →