I totally had no idea Nabeel was taking this picture but it’s not hard to believe because I’m mostly spaced out in life. I’m so excited about this weekend even though I have no plans – I just have a feeling it’s going to be a great one. I really want toRead More →

Didn’t imagine myself writing this post but stranger things have happened, lulz. Basically, I keep getting questions about how I keep my place clean/how it gets cleaned ALL the time (nearly everyday at this point) so here I am discussing how this happens. It’s simple straightforward stuff, no rocket science, butRead More →

Pretty much in love with all things earthy these days so I thought let’s do my two favorite nailcolors today that fit that category. One’s a gorgeous brown nailpolish and the other’s a really nice nude color (that I randomly mentioned in a post sometime ago but doing a proper review here). Both of these I’mRead More →

I actually really want this one for two purposes: 1) Keep the mugs for my beloved rounds of chai, 2) Install the chainak in my future guest room makeover as a décor item – I can very clearly see it sitting on a shelf and having no issues with life (maybe even openRead More →

#1. Watching bun kebabs get made? Best 6 minutes of my day. (That image above is mine in case anyone’s confused that I took it without crediting) #2. Love, love, love vintage portraits. #3. Six habits of organized people. Not that I’m crazy organized myself, but love and believe in 1,2 and 3.Read More →