Hey guys, so much happening this weekend. We spent last night hanging out with friends, hunting for Eid gifts, and getting the place ready to welcome my niece and nephew (my eldest’s sisters kids) to Dubai who’re very spontaneously coming over and staying with us for a few days. I’m super duperRead More →

Note: The winner of the Rituals giveaway is Fatema Nooruddin (@makeupandliterature on Instagram) This is going to be a simple yet slightly intimate one. We recently bought something that’s added so much color and excitement to our lives, despite being the most ordinary thing ever, I really wanted to share. A few daysRead More →

I’ve got the simplest idea for you to up the sex appeal on your drinks: Ice cubes with fun stuff inside. You know you’ve got your regular drink (Tang, of course), you want to make it even more magical than it already is and so you customize your ice cubes. So simple, so pretty.Read More →

Advance apologies, this whole week I’ll be buzzing with the excitement for Eid and brutally spam you with it as well. Just wanted to put that on the table. So I’ve started getting into the Eid preps mode and since we share our lives with each other, I’m going toRead More →

Current magnet situation at home. I’m unfortunately very obnoxious when it comes to magnets and don’t allow all kinds to go up on our fridge (#refrigeratorpolitics). Though these animals from our Australia trip immediately made a place in my heart and have been living up there since. I never thought I’d addRead More →