Thoughts and opinions since my shorter haircut

Ever since I got the short haircut and different color, I've been getting messages nearly every single day about something related to it. While a lot of people wanted to know what the cut is called and what color it was (which I've already mentioned here), most of the messages that came my way have been about things like hesitation to get a drastic chop, fear of losing length, questions around the longevity of such colors, etc.

I'm not an overthinker and I prefer to keep things simple. If I really want something, I just go for it. I understand all the messages I got about this, but I approach such things differently and so I decided to share all my opinions and comments about it with you. There were some things I was dubious about as well and some things that I learnt after the 'experiment' and so I hope it helps us all.

In no particular order.

1. If you've been wanting a shorter cut like anything, go for it. I'm talking stuff like it's coming in your dreams, you find yourself looking up short hair images on Pinterest in your lunch break and have a porn-equivalent folder on your pc containing pictures of chicks with short hair. If you really, really want it, just get it. Don't wait for divine revelation, this is it. Experiment now or you never will.

2. Do a hair consult. Prior to getting your hair chopped or colored, meet with the stylist and get a consultation done for your face, hair texture, your skintone, your love life (no?). Get comfortable with the stylist. Take lots of inspiration pictures and discuss with them what you want.

3. Find the right person. If the stylist is arrogant or cocky or you're just not comfortable with him/her, go find another. It's your hair, not theirs, so take your time to find 'the one' - Google is your friend, read reviews, ask around - do your homework. Sometimes even someone you trust can fuck up, but do your part in minimizing the risk. 

4. Speak up for yourself. Ask your salon/stylist for what you want. Don't be scared especially if you're going to a bigshot place. Sometimes big stylists can be intimidating and you end up saying 'yes, yes' and coming back looking like a skinned chicken. My stylist Gemma took off a lot of my hair but first she did about 10 inches and asked me if I wanted to go shorter. Ask the stylist for their help in making you comfortable.

5. Shorter cuts can actually compliment a round face. I have a full face and I actually imagined a lob making me look like a potato wearing a wig. But I wanted the cut so bad, I didn't care. I wanted to take the risk. And I was surprised to see that it worked just fine with my round face, no potato vibes. 

6. Yes, you'll lose your length and if you don't like it, it will grow back.  If warts can grow back after an excision, so can your hair. It'll take some time but it will come back (unless you're eating shit and your lifestyle sucks, in that case don't blame the hair). 

7. You don't have to go super short, like pixie short. Start slow, experiment with an extra few inches versus your usual, if you're majorly hesitant. If you like it, in a few months, take off a few more.

8. Sometimes a massive chop is what you need to really fix your hair. I never realized how much hair I had before the haircut. It actually started to look all healthy and nourished and man, is there some serious bounce. I always used to get a few inches chopped off when I had longer hair and while it used to breathe some life back into my hair, nothing has put everything back into order, the way this shorter do has done. Like a pair of scissors performed plastic surgery on my head. And since it started to look so healthy, I've been taking better care of it too because I don't want to go back to the times of look-mom-I-fried-my-hair. I've actually started using a heat protectant now which I never used to.

9. This color (and others like it) won't last long but it's worth it. It's not going to last you beyond a couple of months but it totally switches your look around. If you really, really, really, like red, then don't think about the longevity. You knew you weren't going to marry your high school boyfriend but you went out with him anyway. Some things have to be done. Get the color, enjoy it while it lasts and once it starts resembling a hair disease, you can do a do-over or dye it yourself with a safe drugstore color from a box. However, if this is a color that you just like and don't laahhhvvv, then don't waste your money and go buy a new lipstick or something.

10. Because such colors have the lifespan of a banana, you can always plan to do it when you have something exciting coming up. That way even though it's going to be a short experience, it'll stay in your memory for longer. Like a vacation, so you'll have lots of pictures to look back at which automatically makes the experience feel longer because it's been documented.

11. "Short hair needs so much styling, I don't have the time to do it". Blah blah blah. If you want it, then do the styling, man. It's a tradeoff, suck it up. Or learn to make it work with your natural hair texture. I actually found a shampoo that made my hair straighter than usual (Loreal Elvive Color Protect), so I haven't used a blowdryer or straightener more than 5-6 times since I got the change. ALSO, on the flip side, these are the times of unkept, messy, terrible hair. When was such hair ever trendy? This is the time to make 'shitty' hair pass off for a runway look. Ditch the tools if you don't want to use them, and find product to enhance your natural hair texture (texturizing spray, curls product, etc)

12. Go with a friend. Moral support is awesome and a well-meaning friend can sometimes even speak up and say stuff for you if you're feeling too chicken to say it. Also, if both of you get it done together, it can be epic levels of exciting.

13. Since getting both the cut and color can be pricy, get the cut first, if you're not sure about how everything will turn out. If you love the cut, then you can get it colored. If the cut's terrible (my sympathies), you can go in hiding and emerge once you have your life back. 

14. If you're super unsure about how your hair would turn out, before you get it done, tell people to keep their mouths shut if they don't like it. You can ask your family or your best friend to give their real feedback only. The rest don't matter so let them know that you don't want their opinion if they don't like it. People have a tendency to go hysterical and lose their shit when girls chop off their hair, either slip them a Xanax or politely ask them to not share their opinions. I did this with a couple of people I knew, who always have negative feedback about everything - it made life a lot easy. If you can't do it in advance, as soon as you run into them, just mention, "Yep, I got it and you have to love it, I'm sorry, I can't accept any negative feedback'. If you see them still trying, I encourage you to behave like a 4 year old and shut your ears and do the 'lalalala' bit. There's nothing wrong with this - if you love your hair makeover, don't let anyone piss on it and if you don't love it, you don't need to hear anyone else make you feel worse about it.

15. If you end up with a bad haircut, don't obsess over it. Sometimes your favorite stylist will fuck you over, shit happens. I've had quite a few bad haircuts in my life, I don't remember any of them now. In just a couple of weeks, your hair can be managed into not looking so terrible and it'll officially grow out of the bad phase in just a few weeks.  

16. "My mom would kill me. My husband doesn't like it". Jee acha. And? If they're saying no or requesting you to not do it, tell them it's a haircut and not a sex-change operation. It will go back to what it was. Ask for support (because it's always more fun with support). N wanted to keep a beard and I just didn't want that. But I told him he should get it for a bit, because he wanted to try it out. And I ended up liking it so much, I doubt he'll be going back to a no beard look anytime soon. When I wanted my haircut, I just told him I'm getting it and he was on board. Sometimes you can have shity ideas for sure, like tattooing your face, and then someone should definitely stop you. But when it's something so inconsequential and easily reversible as hair, please don't let yourself make it about someone's 'permission'.   

17. Initial freakout after a big change is natural. Even when I got my hair cut and colored, even though 99.9% of the people told me they loved it, the initial few hours, I was unsure. I wondered if I'd made the right choice but that was the default freakout. It can last anywhere from a couple of hours to a few days. Let that pass then start cursing your life.

18. While you have it, enjoy it. Own your hair and love it. Don't stress over how much color has faded every day. Don't look too hard in the mirror and just enjoy it.

A hair change can really make feel like a new person. It's a fantastic way to change the pace on your everyday look, especially if you're someone like me and does the standard same thing almost everyday.

Will I grow my hair back? Absolutely. Will I do it right away? Nope.

Good luck with your hair adventures. Until next time.

You can see my hair makeover post with all details here.

Timeout: A Gorgeous 400 Square Foot Home. And More.

1. Just in case you thought a 400 square foot home was impossible: this place is perfect.

2. Freaking phenomenal insta for a florist. Absolute love.

3. I need these homemade cookie butters as my next birthday gift, thanks.

4. The best books written by your celebrity bffs (according to Popsugar).

5. These manholes turned into tiny homes are all the perspective you'll need for today.

Until next time.


N's family has been leaving our place slowly over this last one week. Just a few days ago, before his sister and kids left, his niece and nephew did the most epic treasure hunt with the both of us, spread out all over our house (I say that like I have a 15-bedroom mansion). For perspective, we did a treasure hunt for them first, with clues in different rooms. As a thank you, they did the same back for us a few days later and N and I were stunned. Because they're kids first of all, and second, the preparation and level of detail in their clues was mindblowing (the plants were drawn exactly like they are in real, whattttt). It was so well-thought out, sketched and executed right in front of us, with none of us having an idea about it  (not even their own mom) was pretty stellar. I'm going to save these clues, it's decided. N's mom leaves today and while it was fun having family over, I'm also pretty stoked about slipping back into our regular routines (and possibly lose half my ass because I've eaten everything that there ever was over the last couple of months).

Best friend Sumika coming over in a few weeks so I quickly ordered a couple of shirts from Generation so she can bring them over. I love Generation, FYI.

New love that I now refuse to live without. I brought this pillow mist from my hotel room at the Palisade from Australia and I've been using it since and I don't remember a life before it. It smells SO good but I'm almost done with it because it was a tiny size. I have a less expensive backup already lined up, versus Loccitane (which I wouldn't buy myself because too expensive). Excited to have this in my life, going to sleep with it is like having a paratha without the calories.

Had a bunch of meetings lined up this week, with projects I'm excited about kicking off. YAS.

Other best friend, Muneeza had been raving about The Night Manager since some time so we finally started it this week. Only onto Episode 2 (it's a mini-series and has about 8 episodes only) but it's already pretty interesting.

Have a great weekend, guys.

Hotel Palisade in Sydney, Australia (Part 2)

I posted about Hotel Palisade's boutique accommodation yesterday in Sydney, Australia. Today, I want to show you the rest of the property which was stunning to say the least. If you can't stay at the Palisade, you've got to get to their cocktail/mocktail lounge for drinks - you'll absolutely love it.

I'm a fan of interiors so no matter where I go, when I see something done well, it's almost like I had a low-fat cookie. And if it seems accessible, I immediately imagine how I can do this at home, if at all. The Palisade had way too many details, I was crushing every few seconds while exploring the property.

I'll show you why. (Snapchat tour of this linked at the end of the post).

This was the Public Bar where we landed as soon we got to the hotel. While we were waiting for our rooms to get ready (I miscalculated and we were way early for our booking), we had a small lunch here.

This place had people coming in consistently during the one hour that we were there. Nothing overwhelming, just a quiet flow of people in an out so we realized that this is a popular spot in The Rocks (or perhaps people love getting drinks all the time in Aussieland?).

We moved to this parlour for our quick lunch before heading to our room and it was beautiful.

The distressed walls, the brass, the moody colors, gorgeous, you guys.

Even the menu had such cool details: check how it's screwed onto the clipboard. LOVE.

That sauce on the table was called (Food) Rascal Hell Fire Sauce. Actual brand, you guys.

Even the elevator was massively sexy. This took us to the cocktail lounge which we explored on our second day there (I think).

You could totally do this situation at home.

This was the Henry Deane Cocktail Lounge and parts of it can be booked for private events (I'm available to join).

Gorgeous views everywhere.

The private rooms.

Where you could hang out on the balcony and just enjoy a regular view of the Sydney Harbor Bridge. No big deal.

Back to the second level of the Henry Deane Cocktail Lounge because this was the most favorite part of the property for me, and you'll get why, in a bit.

But first this, chandelier.

Now tell me? I kid you not, this place doesn't look even half as beautiful in the image. It was so beautiful, I could have just hang out here all day.


I strategically took the picture so their faces weren't visible but do you see what I mean? The weather was perfect, that location was perfect, it was all very perfect.

And before I go, these stools.

If you want to see the room that we stayed in, you can check out Part 1 here.

A few facts for you:
What: Hotel Palisade
Where: The Rocks, Sydney
Website: Hotel Palisade
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram
Property Includes (other than rooms): Public Bar, Cocktail Lounge, Private Event Rooms
Who is it good for? You can book areas within the public bar, the cocktail lounge and a couple other private chambers for small get togethers.
What I loved: If you cannot stay at the Palisade, you should definitely swing by for cocktails/mocktails because all of their lounges have beyond stunning views all around.

Also, see the Snapchat tour (this is not a properly filmed video) for this if you want to check out the room with me.

This post is in collaboration with Palisade Hotel but all opinions are mine because I don't have space in my brain for those of others'. YAS.

Until next time.

Hotel Palisade in Sydney, Australia (Part 1)

Just a few weeks ago, I was in Australia with N and it turned out to be one of our best trips. NO JOKE. The first part of our trip was in Sydney and I fell for the city so hard, even I was surprised. I did not expect it to be so full of history with such gorgeous architecture, it was amazing.

A big part of our love for Sydney and why we were so happy from the get go was because we unconsciously made the kickass decision to stay in an area called The Rocks. We stayed the first three nights at Hotel Palisade, and other than being the most gorgeous place right there on the harbor, it made everything crazy accessible for us: the Sydney Harbor Bridge, Opera House, everything was within a walking distance. 

I fell for this place almost instantly and then kept falling in love every few hours with a new discovery. Hotel Palisade is a 100 years old. A HUNDRED YEARS OLD, you guys. The hotel was initially a drinks spot for local port workers and residents of the area and was once the tallest building in Sydney (can you believe that). It was just recently refurbished with the most gorgeous boutique accommodation, a breathtaking cocktail lounge, and a pub flowing with character. Despite having been modernized, the place retains all the quirks and personality from its history and is SUCH an experience. Being located right on the harbor and the fact that we were there in the winters, things were just epic. I LOVED it.

I'm going to do this review in two parts. First I'll take you around the accommodation with the room we stayed in (I did a live tour of this on Snapchat, by the way, linked at the end of the post). The second part, coming tomorrow (see here), will be all about the rest of the hotel and it's so beautiful - even if you never end up going to Australia, you're going to get some serious d├ęcor inspiration from it. Ready to get started, Part 1, let's go.

As we drove upto the hotel, the building looked like a gorgeous, historic piece of architecture and absolutely lived upto it's hundred year heritage.

We checked into our room, the Regi James (all rooms named after historic characters from history of The Rocks) and it was stunning. The wall behind the bed had a handpainted mural on it which I would have definitely stolen and taken back with me if I could (my guest room wants it).  

The room was flooded with natural light, always a win. And please don't miss that the bed had a canopy over it. Just a few months ago, I was wishing for a canopy bed and I got it.

Other than the sleeping area, the room had a sitting space, tiny kitchen, a bathroom, small closet type walkway and a gorgeous balcony with a stunning view of the Sydney Harbor Bridge. GLORIOUS.

I mean, this view.

I'm a sucker for detail and the room (and hotel) had detail in every corner. The lamp wall sconces, the boating knot (it's right there under the nightstand), loved it all.

There were pull cords all throughout the room to turn on the lights. See the one dangling above the light? I want one for my space.

Want that chair.

And that phone.

They had a Marshall speaker which was one of the best things about the room. It had the BEST sound and you could connect your phone to it through a cable or wirelessly. One day we got stuck inside because of some crazy rain and we were bummed out for two seconds before N made us some chai and turned on some music - it was kickass. We totally decided to get one for ourselves once home and had saved up (three people actually messaged to tell me they had bought this already after I snapped about it from the hotel)

And they had Loccitane toiletries. For real. I totally took the pillow mist from here and have been using it - I'm not exaggerating, it's heavenly.

Also we had a tiny kitchen area with the mini bar, coffee and snack station. We made lots of chai here, guys. Special shoutout to the full-length mirror, you have no idea how much I value that thing.

Again, the detail.

Considering I'm a nut about sexy hardware, you can understand why I'd take a picture of this and then share it. So beautiful.

Going to take you out on the balcony now.

Every morning, N and I would hang out here with chai. The weather was so beautiful on all days, I'm honestly flipping out again while writing this. 

Morning chai spot.

Detail again - check out the cabinet pulls.

A tiny walkway would lead to this bathroom from the sitting area (that's where we kept our luggage and do the ironing etc). The bathroom had the most gorgeous tile and beautiful hardware. 

You see what I mean.

Loccitane shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. What is this.

Need these installed at my place urgently. 

It was the most perfect room. Better than any 5 star because of how much personality everything had. Because the price-point on this was mid-tier, if you're scheduling a special treat for yourself and a loved one, this is absolute perfection.

A few facts for you:
What: Hotel Palisade
Where: The Rocks, Sydney
How to get to from the airport: We took a cab. About 20 minutes from the airport.
Website: Hotel Palisade
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram
Rooms: Just 8 bedrooms, boutique accommodation.
Who is it good for? Couples, friends, anyone really. Honeymoons, anniversaries, birthdays, boutique accommodations are the best for special occasions and so much more better than regular 5-star hotels. 
What I loved: The place oozes personality. Close to everything so absolutely no cab/train fares. Preserved heritage in homes/shops all over in The Rocks so a simple walk from the hotel to nearby areas is a treat. Gorgeous views. Amazing staff.
Value for Money? The price-point is mid-tier. But it's amazing value for the location and access to the multitude of things in the area.
Getting around: The hotel is right there in The Rocks, easily the most beautiful area of Sydney for me. Everything is at a walking distance. You can see the Sydney Harbor Bridge from your room and all the kickass spots like the Sydney Opera House for example, are so accessible. 
Room Rate: Starting from $280 per night.

If you want to see the rest of the stunning property, check out Part 2 here.

Also, see the Snapchat tour (this is not a properly filmed video) for this if you want to check out the room with me.

This post is in collaboration with Palisade Hotel but all opinions are mine because I don't have space in my brain for those of others'. YAS.