Ramzan mubarik! Tomorrow is our first roza here and I’m so excited. There’s such a great spirit in the air (or maybe I’m just delusional, please help clarify) and it feels so good to be alive to celebrate this month one more time. Last night I made tentative plans with friendsRead More →

I’m a lover of white pants, particularly with desi clothes and am always, always on the lookout for something that I can wear all the time. I’m bottom heavy so not all pants are made for me – I always get stuck in most – which is why when I find theRead More →

Last year I minimally decorated my place for Ramzan and loved it. I’ve gradually grown to value the month beyond the act of fasting – I love everything about it, the spirit, the connectedness we all have for those 30 days, the sehris, iftaris, the overall trying to be a better version ofRead More →

A few weeks ago I posted something from the Pakistan superstore and SO many people messaged to ask me for details about the store itself that I decided it needed a place of its own on the blog and a chance to live in the archives forever. I timed it with Ramzan, again because myRead More →

It’s surprising how many people don’t know that Nimco actually exists in Dubai and therefore I’m here to change that. I thought to do a tiny post on them close to Ramzan (because that’s when I also actually planned on attacking them hard for supplies) – it is now that time. NoRead More →