1. I love reading about people’s everyday routines, what they eat, what they do. So naturally I enjoyed this short piece on Zac Posen’s everyday food action (who I also really like from Project Runway). 2. You’ll flip when you see these cacti aren’t real but actually paintings. Unbelievable. 3. PleaseRead More →

It’s SUCH gorgeous weather today, I honestly can’t process anything beyond that. We had the most relaxed breakfast at Papparoti in the morning (I only had the chai because my life has space for only one set of sexy buns right now….haha? you got the bad joke? I’m hilarious? haha? no? ok).  I have plans toRead More →

Every other night, for the past few weeks, Nabeel and I have been stepping out for a walk in our neighborhood. After work, we’ll get into comfortable shoes and randomly pick a route for the night. Sometimes we’ll walk one way around the marina, sometimes the other, and then sometimes along the main street. TheRead More →

Today’s post is like one of those times when you discover something you didn’t know about and immediately discuss it with your friends? Yup, I found out about something called a menstrual cup and here I am talking to you guys about it. I haven’t tried it out myself, but I’mRead More →

If you love biryani (if you don’t, then who really are you?), let’s huddle because I gots my favoritest biryani in Dubai to share with you today. It’s possibly one of the best biryanis I’ve ever had (I want to say ‘the best’ but that might set the expectations tooRead More →