Abbu and ‘I Spy’

Abbu and ‘I Spy’

Abbu killing 70s fashion like a hot knife through butter, with some random chick in Lahore. JK, random chick = his wife/our mother.
Car rides with my dad were always an event of sorts. He’d talk to us, play games, share simple things about life (which meant nothing at that time but are everything to me today). There would always be something to look forward to.
One of the things we frequently used to do in the car was play ‘I Spy’. Abbu introduced us to the game and to get a bunch of bored, unexcited kids into action, suddenly a voice would pop up, ‘I spy with my little eye, something beginning withhhh….’ and it would be enough to get us springing up in our seats, eager to hear the letter that would get us started on our scouting mission.
Nabeel’s sister is visiting us with her kids these days and last night the kids came into our room randomly trying to find something to do (they’re such good kids who’ll quietly get bored but never bother you if they think you’re busy, they’re unicorns basically). I asked them if they’d played ‘I Spy’ before and they said no.

I quickly gave them a crash course on the game and we got started on a half hour of the most easy, mindless fun; the kind of fun you don’t really plan but that ends up being a part of your nostalgic conversations years later (my fingers are crossed it’s going to come up).

I thought about my dad and how little bits of him show up around me everyday. It’s going to be ten years soon but it’s funny how someone can leave you but continue to live on in you for as long as you yourself are alive.
Sometimes it’s the heavy stuff that makes you stop in your feet for a hot second. And sometimes it’s a simple thing like your everyday, casual guessing game.

*I know some people don’t have the best relationships with a parent(s), at times even toxic. I hope this doesn’t make anyone feel like something’s missing in their life. Real love is real love from any relationship, whether familiar or otherwise.


  1. my dad played I Spy with us too! and when my little cousins visited and I was babysitting I found myself engaging them in the same way my dad did, with a childlike approach and a sense of humor <3

  2. My father would play I Spy with us too, so that we'd not get bored while we waited in the car for one reason on another. However, I get highly animated story-telling from my father. I love the post. Short and sweet. *hugs*

  3. My dad is bi polar and we found that out pretty recently. Before that, it was always Abba's mood swings. He is successful and well known. On his good days he is kind, generous funny and has the largest heart. On bad ones, he is a totally different person. With time and after having my own kid, I have learnt to love the good and not detest the bad. To people it is hard to explain why I don't react to his temper or why I ask them to forgive him for the things he says. Because I know there is person inside all that who to taught me how to ride and bike and how to drive a car and taught me to be resilient and to be stand up for myself. Too often I find myself defending his actions and more often than that, apologising for them. And I am learning not to do that, because him and I are not the same person. I always enjoy your posts about your dad, reminds me of my own.

  4. This post reminded me of my dad, its been 11 years since he left us and still seems like yesterday and there are so many things and conversations that keep reminding me of him
    Very nice post

  5. My dad also used to play this fun game with me. He even does it now with his grandchildren. I just love him so much that words cant express.
    this post is just LOVE 🙂 keep posting!

  6. Such a heartfelt post. Truly touched but in a good way. My father passed away a couple of years ago within two months of cancer diagnose. Being the youngest of the family, I was affected most and had a lot of things changed in my life eversince. I always remember him by appreciate memories like these. Never the harsh, last phase of his life. This post reminded me of so many good moments I shared with him 🙂

  7. A tear rolled down my cheek..

    – Mahnoor

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