1. I love reading about people’s everyday routines, what they eat, what they do. So naturally I enjoyed this short piece on Zac Posen’s everyday food action (who I also really like from Project Runway). 2. You’ll flip when you see these cacti aren’t real but actually paintings. Unbelievable. 3. PleaseRead More →

1. A very interesting chat with six different women about dealing with adult acne and the different solutions that worked for each one of them. The best part: since these are ‘regular’ people and not getting paid to push something, their suggestions are purely based on actual, real experience and veryRead More →

1. If I could, I’d do casual wear to weddings, grocery acquisitions, space missions, everywhere. Love all of these super chill, super cool looks. 2. I love me some mashed potatoes and apparently these are the fluffiest, creamiest ones ever. 3. Probably never going to get it myself (because too short-lived/highRead More →

1. The incredible story of Lydia Winters: Brand director at Mojang, where she manages everything for Minecraft (the game and all offshoots of it), you HAVE to read the story of how she found this powerful career for herself in a very male-dominated industry and that too, so accidentally. She’s now on the Forbes 30Read More →