1. Hi. I’d like to stay in this magical treehouse, thanks. It’s Airbnb’s most popular listing, but more than anything I fell in love with the intent behind this place and the owner’s thoughts about it – he has the most widely requested property on Airbnb and yet doesn’t want to expand. What aRead More →

1. I love reading about people’s everyday routines, what they eat, what they do. So naturally I enjoyed this short piece on Zac Posen’s everyday food action (who I also really like from Project Runway). 2. You’ll flip when you see these cacti aren’t real but actually paintings. Unbelievable. 3. PleaseRead More →

1. A very interesting chat with six different women about dealing with adult acne and the different solutions that worked for each one of them. The best part: since these are ‘regular’ people and not getting paid to push something, their suggestions are purely based on actual, real experience and veryRead More →

1. If I could, I’d do casual wear to weddings, grocery acquisitions, space missions, everywhere. Love all of these super chill, super cool looks. 2. I love me some mashed potatoes and apparently these are the fluffiest, creamiest ones ever. 3. Probably never going to get it myself (because too short-lived/highRead More →