1. The incredible story of Lydia Winters: Brand director at Mojang, where she manages everything for Minecraft (the game and all offshoots of it), you HAVE to read the story of how she found this powerful career for herself in a very male-dominated industry and that too, so accidentally. She’s now on the Forbes 30Read More →

Favoritest picture of Ammi and Abbu; one of my personal missions in life is to get such a vintage picture with Nabeel. Can’t believe it’s almost been a week since I’ve been home with mom, initially it felt like there was loads of time and then suddenly there wasn’t. Nabeel came to KarachiRead More →

I got some questions on Snapchat and Insta for my mom, when I posted about her a few times. And since we’re pretty much not stepping out of the house at all, I thought I’d use her time in rest mode to do a fun, chill Q&A with me here on theRead More →

Hey. Awkward post here, you guys. Help me. So I’m that person whose kind of uncomfortable with asking to be voted for or market themselves, etc. I found out a few days ago that I was nominated for a best blogger award and even though it made me quite happy (because I meanRead More →

I’ve come back home after such a long time, it feels all kinds of incredible and I’ve spent the last couple of days just thinking about all the good things coming home to your family feels like. Initially when I was living by myself, coming back to my parents place was mostlyRead More →