‘In The Workshop’ is a new series I’m starting on the blog, purely born out of my love for seeing how things get created and the stuff that we use on the everyday, how it comes to life. I want us to experience in whatever tiny way, the love and hours that go into makingRead More →

Tan kohlapuris that Sidra got for me from her Pakistan trip. I was literally crippled without one, I always, always need a nude/camel colored pair. I’d broken my favorite ones while running around one day like a psycho (not sure why though), now going to break in this pair and make it all worn outRead More →

Hey guys. So I’m considering doing a monthly favorites kind of post where I share with you guys some stuff that I’ve really been liking (could be anything, accessories/clothing/cosmetics, etc). Except that it won’t necessarily be monthly, totally dependent on whether I have something that I like enough at thatRead More →

Alright. So I get a ton of questions about my hair all the time and I know I keep making promises of doing a full hair post so I think it’s about time? I’m sharing EVERYTHING related to my own hair routine, the bad phase I had with my hairRead More →

I pretty much wear the same makeup for everything. Work meetings, grocery store, fancy dinner, friends place, it’s all operating on the same tangent. If I have to put in a little extra, I’ll switch my eyeliner from ‘thick’ to ‘slightly more thick’ but that’s about it, guys. That’s what we’re working with.Read More →