Wearing these pjs (from Sweet Dreams) as much as I can because I know my sister will take them away from me, when we meet (soon). I’M SO HIGH, YOU GUYS. From the award, your messages, all the love and support, I’m FLYING. I feel like I just cannot thank everybody enough but I’llRead More →

You guysssss, I won the Best Blogger at Masala Awards last night and YOU GUYS MADE IT HAPPEN. *CUE KEYBOARD SCREAMING AND MULTIPLE EXCLAMATION MARKS*. Five thousand japhis. Ten thousand pappis. I am writing to you as personally as it can get. It’s my first EVER award (and maybe the last, who knows)Read More →

I work from home, as many of you may be aware, and after having done it for 4+ years I’m pretty much well settled with it. I have my own home office, a home studio now as well and pretty much have a set schedule from 9 to 6 (ish) that I followRead More →

Winters are here boys and with the onset of sardi, I start moving closer to the darker lipcolors in my makeup inventory with an increased sense of urgency. Therefore, it felt very appropriate that I share my favorite wintery/vampy shades with you guys today – I don’t necessarily love the brands because of the formulation, butRead More →

1. I love reading about people’s everyday routines, what they eat, what they do. So naturally I enjoyed this short piece on Zac Posen’s everyday food action (who I also really like from Project Runway). 2. You’ll flip when you see these cacti aren’t real but actually paintings. Unbelievable. 3. PleaseRead More →