Have a busy, busy weekend with stuff lined up that we’ll be doing with Nabeel’s family – getting ready to head out as we speak/type/read. A few days ago, finished Karan Johar’s A Unsuitable Boy (which I’ll share my thoughts on soon) and that entire tub of my favorite mango sorbet very successfully.Read More →

  Easy, breezy minimal nail art in the house today. My love for negative space nails knows no bounds and I want to try about a zillion combinations but I’m lazy so it happens once in a while (FYI, I was shocked to discover that this minimal nail art ofRead More →

I’ve talked about living independently in Karachi a few times on the blog so I’m sure quite a lot of you know about that already (never forget my glamorous living situations). The two sentiments that have continued to appear as a result of talking about all the living-away-from-the parents are: ‘I’d love to liveRead More →

Majorly crushing on these sneakers right now. I actually need new shoes, have ripped through my beloved silver espadrilles from Aeropostale (insert, soul-crushing sorrow). Currently contemplating if these should be a partial replacement (since they won’t go with everything but they’re calling my name regardless and I’m not rude by nature soRead More →

A day in the life of kim kardashian's assistant

#1. Whatever opinion you have on the Kardashian empire, there’s a ton of work that goes behind making it all happen and this peek into her executive assistant’s life, who is now COO on one of Kim’s brands, was so interesting to see. Apart from the fact that it tells you howRead More →