Winters are here boys and with the onset of sardi, I start moving closer to the darker lipcolors in my makeup inventory with an increased sense of urgency. Therefore, it felt very appropriate that I share my favorite wintery/vampy shades with you guys today – I don’t necessarily love the brands because of the formulation, butRead More →

I pretty much wear the same makeup for everything. Work meetings, grocery store, fancy dinner, friends place, it’s all operating on the same tangent. If I have to put in a little extra, I’ll switch my eyeliner from ‘thick’ to ‘slightly more thick’ but that’s about it, guys. That’s what we’re working with.Read More →

You know how you see all those gorgeous images of women wearing nude/dull/neutral lipcolors, yet looking like they drank the blood of five thousand virgins and glowing from a mystery place called ‘within’? Nope, not me. I’ve always struggled to find decent neutral shades for myself that are there but not quite; look good butRead More →