1. If I could, I’d do casual wear to weddings, grocery acquisitions, space missions, everywhere. Love all of these super chill, super cool looks. 2. I love me some mashed potatoes and apparently these are the fluffiest, creamiest ones ever. 3. Probably never going to get it myself (because too short-lived/highRead More →

Had the best last week with my mom in Karachi and then Nabeel came over for two days and it couldn’t have been better. Have been hanging at home getting settled back in and catching up on some shows we had to leave midway because I flew out. It’s been suchRead More →

The first post on this with Day 1 & 2 is here, if you’d like to check that out first. Last leg of our trip right here, boys. I’ll take you through what we did on Day 3 & 4 and then about a ton of details for everyone whose interested.Read More →

Finally doing a roundup of the quick trip I took to Georgia with Nabeel, Shehla and Faraz. Apologies for delaying it, I had some unplanned stuff come up and had to move things around, but you don’t care about that and here I am so let’s go. I had planned onRead More →

Talking to you guys today about my most favorite piece of art in the house right now: My custom dancing girl for my guest room/studio makeover in my valima-inspired clothes courtesy Sidra Raja (I’m sure many of you remember her from these times and also from my general crushing on her fromRead More →