Nabeel’s dad went back to Karachi a day before and we threw a random just-because party for him at home with some decorations from my party stash and tiny, token gifts (we gave stuff like ittar, beard oil, etc). Nabeel and I have been talking a lot about just generally taking extra specialRead More →

Artificial plant snobs can exit this window right now, this post is not for you. We can meet tomorrow. People who are professional plant murderers, love a jungle feel but cannot do a house full of plants without committing vegetation crimes and are flexible about having some faux green in their home; Welcome, you’re inRead More →

My closet is pretty average so there’s nothing really in it that I would have heartbreak over parting ways with. But there are a few pieces that have fond stories attached to them and I really hope to keep them forever. Sharing the five most memorable pieces from my closet withRead More →

One of the asked questions I get asked the MOST: How do I motivate myself to work for myself every single day without a boss and/or a compelling force of nature? I get asked some variation of this question nearly everyday and I see where it all comes from andRead More →

#1. Sounds a little excessive but we’re all crazy so why not. Face yoga and its benefits for your skin. #2. Love this cross-stitch DIY so much. #3. This WiFi router box on Ali Express is super cute. #4. Beauty secrets from an 80s supermodel. Love her skin, hair colorRead More →