Big News (!!)

Big News (!!)

Terribly excited about sharing a life update with you guys, that honestly even Nabeel and I are internalizing only now that it’s right on the verge of happening. I’m sipping chai as I type this, feeling emotional, excited, nervous, giddy, happy and borderline like a kachoomar salad.

WE’RE MOVING TO AUSTRALIAAAAAA end of this month! (!!!!!) *insert juvenile screams and hysteria* Feels so ajeeb to type this out now that I finally have (also sorry for disappointing those who wanted to see a child in nine months, lulz. Jenny-un sooory).

ANYHOO, we started our immigration process back in 2016 I think (?) and then went on our first trip to Australia (anybaady remember?) to get our documents stamped. Both of us were literally doing this just for the passports, but once we got there, we fell for Sydney real hard and while we weren’t sure of which city we’d eventually end up in, we were suddenly entirely ready to move here (once we were done with our mandatory procrastination – it’s a lifestyle, guys, we can’t help it).

Fast forward to a few months ago when we got back from Hajj and officially picked a date for moving: sometime in January 2018. Life got really busy in the months leading up to this time so we couldn’t really manage any preps till now. But we have about a good two weeks to sort everything out, before we head out to Pakistan for one last trip and then officially leave Dubai for good. OH MY GOD. It feels SO surreal.

I’m having some trouble trying to construct a coherent post so I’m going to bullet point the stuff in my head with some things I wanted to share. Here we go.

  • We’re very excited. Just reconfirming in case you missed that. Sydney was beautiful and we want to make a home there so fast, so much.
  • Nabeel quit work end of December so he’s been home as of January (he’ll look for work once we get to Australia). Before flying to Pakistan on my last trip, I had the sudden realization that we’re probably not going to have such a time in our lives again soon, where he’s not at work and just at home. So I took the decision to be off the blog as well and just hang out together, doing things, packing up our home, prepping for our move. It felt so good just imagining that and I’m too, too happy with this decision.
  • Which brings me to the next point that I’m going to be MIA from the blog for the next couple of months. I know not everyone cares for everyday posting, but for the ones who do, I’m sorry for missing out on posts over the next few weeks. I’ll still be wrapping up some projects I’ve already committed to, or maybe blog about stuff that really interests me, and some random stuff here and there. So maybe a few posts a month, but not everyday. I’ll only get back to regular transmission once I’m in Australia, sipping Australian chai 🙂
  • BUT I’m going to be hardcore everywhere else. Instagram, Facebook, Instastories, Snapchat. Please join me there. I’ll share updates with you guys on everything, packing up, whining about packing up, tickets, farewells. I’d LOVE it if you came along. Please come along.
  • I’m going to miss our home SO MUCH. Both of us love our place too, too much and are really sad about leaving it. Please expect unbearable levels of current apartment nostalgia, it’s going to happen.
  • I’m going to miss Dubai. And not in a halal-food/ease-of-safai/blah blah kind of way. Those are things you eventually adjust to. I’m going to miss this feeling of home I have here. Having our go-to grocery store, typical routes for going places, friends places, friends, favorite cinema, the restaurant that you always order from at 3 am, familiar faces that aren’t your friends but you see them everyday – elevator guy, grocery guy, etc. SO MUCH. It takes a while to find that feeling of home in a new place and I’m going to miss that feeling a lot.
  • I’m leaving Dubai but blog-wise, I’ll continue to blog about it in whatever way I can. Just like the way I do for Pakistan. And eventually hope to expand into Australia quickly. It’s so exciting to imagine getting into a new market. Please tell your Aussie friends about me and make them fall in love with me, thank you so much.

Typing this post out now is actually the first step I have personally taken to wrap things up, lulz. Please, please don’t give me warnings on ‘we’re too late’….sab ho jaata hai, no point in worrying about things (especially, if it really is too late, lol). Just be happy with me for this exciting time in our lives. We’re very excited about this new chapter of our lives, everything will get done Inshallah, and we’ll eventually sort out what doesn’t. Allah mian’s got our backs, so it’s cool. You’re free to hand out unlimited japhis, though; I’m very flexible about those.

That’s about it. My god, you guys, I’m SO EXCITED. And so happy I’m finally sharing this with you 🙂

If you live in Sydney and have any tips on which areas to check out for our future home, or where to stay temporarily while we look for a place, please send them in. I’ll be so grateful.


  1. Woah! sounds super exciting! best of luck with the move!

  2. Wow ! This is so cool. 😀 Can’t wait for the blog to be back with all that Australian swag. 😎
    Best wishes for your future <3

  3. omg I am so happy and excited for you. feels like im moving hahah! Goodluck on this big move it takes courage to do that man.

  4. OMG OMG OMG…I knew thr will be many thinking abt a baby when u said a big news..but I dnt knw why this is wht I was thinking tht u r moving to another country(even I discussed this with my husband tht I dnt knw why but this news is not what everyone will be expecting)…so happy for u guys…I live in Sydney..plz let me know if u need any kind of help over here..this will be great and especially when you guys are happy everything will be gr8…Jhapissss

  5. Waaw,.. i had been to Sydney last year for our first wedding anniversary and fell in love with the place. I was shocked when my hubby told, we need to live here, I will apply PR,,.. After returning we eventually forgot about it, but I still hope one day we will move there,.. Its very nice place to live,.. All the best,.. enjoy.. Happy and Safe journey

  6. This is so exciting!! Have heard nothing but great things about Australia. One tip though. I’ve heard that staying out of the main city is more reasonable.
    Best of luck. Wishing you and nabeel all the great things. And hey, you’ll be enjoying all 4 seasons! Dubai is mostly summer.

    I will miss the blog but will wait eagerly for all the Snapchat updates! Best wishes

  7. Congratulationssss 😀 May Allah make everything easy for you and bless you with peaceful life Ameen ^_^

  8. MA! May Allah make this the best for u both! Really excited to explore Australia through ur eyes ! ❤️

  9. I guess I commented on one of your earlier posts that you will move out of Dubai in 2018 and find another happy place, and the prediction came out correct! (Can someone give me best future predictor award please?)

    Jokes apart, wishing you a great future and a very smooth transition ahead. You’ll fall in love with life all over again.

    P.S. janay se pehle aik meetup rakh len please!

  10. Good luck with ur move! Best wishes gor the future 😊

  11. OMG!! So happy for you 😍❤️

  12. Thats awesomeeeee!! Wish you all the best and yea nothing to worry about. Sab hojata hai 😎

  13. Ah Shehzeen that’s super exciting for you guys!!! Congratulations!!! Change is always amazing – when taken with the right mindset and you def have that!! So that’s first step accomplished already!! Sydney is soooo glorious!!! I fell in love with it. The weather, the people, the food!! Its a seriously happy place! Can’t wait to see Sydney from your perspective! ❤️

  14. OH MY GOD. THIS IS TOO EXCITING. Cannot process, brb going to read this post all over again!

  15. Welcome to Australia Shehzeen…I am not in Sydney (but Adelaide) but if you need any kind of help with anything at all….just shout out! We have loads of friends in Sydney who would love to lend a helping hand. I will inbox you my number just in case you need it. Wishing you best of wishes for the move. May Allah make it very easy for you and Nabeel.

    All the best!

  16. Congratulations!!!! There is this blogger /photographer/event planner Abeer who recently shifted to Australia. Maybe she could help you. She seems like a lovely woman!

  17. Bohot Mubaraks! and much love! all the best for your move and hope that all goes well for you guys IA!

  18. Yayyyy, you are coming next to me. Come and visit us in New Zealand whenever you are free from settling down. It’s ahhhhmazingly beautiful. 😍

    And dun worry about wrapping things up, our decision to move from Dubai to NZ was so instantaneous that i did all the chores just in the matter of 2 days (talking about the final packing stuff), it was hectic but doable. You can do it too girllll! All the very best 👍🏻

    And order/enjoy your late night meals as much as you can because you are definitely gonna miss it in this part of the world. 😄

  19. No offence but ppl who were expecting the child in nine months..😁🤣😂😆
    Acha sorry..!!!

  20. Congrats! and duas for a bright future:):) good luck with the move! it all will be done in no time insha allah

  21. Woaaaaaaaaaaah soooo excited for you guys! I’ll admit I thought it was a baby too hahah! I packed my whole life, found replacement tenant, moved into my then unfurnished home all within 2 weeks so i’m sure you can it!!!!

  22. Allah Mian ! So so excited and happy for you but also heart broken at you leaving 🙁 I was loving being neighbours and friends man ! Best wishes for this exciting new journey, may it bring you health and happiness and all that is good <3
    Looking forward to all the drama leading upto the big move and some movies and food farewells thrown in for good measure 😀
    Be well doston !

  23. Loads of duas. Congratulations on the big move. May this bring blessings in your life and ummm loads of babies too. I was also praying for a baby news from you 😄😄 Allah miya bless you a Sydney baby soon insha Allah 👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻

  24. MashaaAllah! Bahut Mubarak – wishing you a smooth transition

  25. So excited for you two. I’m positive things will turn out to be the best for you in Sydney in all aspects.
    Tonnes of duas and pappis and jhappies for you. Will be following you on insta and snapchat.

  26. Oh wow this is super exciting! You coming to the Oz land. I shifted to Brisbane from Dubai arpund samw time last year. Just like you, we also had 2 weeks to prepare for the shift plus I was 7 months pregnant 😂 You are right, sub ho jata hai and in our case sub waqai hogaya Alhamdulilah. We are still adjusting to the life here and yes miss Dubai loads but every place is different and special in its own way. We’ve come to love this place, city and country and consider it our home now.

    I’m not in Sydney so won’t be able to help out much with the city, but would love to help out in anything else. Welcome to Australia you guys! You’ll love it here. *dances with excitement*

  27. This is soooo sooo exciting masha Allah.. soo.happy for u and cant wait for the blog posts to come frm australia

  28. Masha’Allah …Alf mabrook Shehzeen..may Allah make everything easy for you in Australiaaaaa!! I’l come along with you through insta/snapchat ,please take us..i adore you the most though bht saaro ne kaha hoga apko,i somehow take some life lessons from you as my elder sister in someway or the other..jazakAlllah khair for that..lots of pappis n jhappis to u..

  29. Hi shehzeen, we moved to Sydney from Dubai after 22 years in January 2017. If there is anything I can do to help during your initial months please do let me know. It’s a gorgeous city with lovely people but still takes a lot of time to settle in atleast in my case. Would love to be in touch once you are here. We live pretty close to the city. All the best with the move. If you need any information about last minute wrapping up things and relocation from DXB to here please let me know. Cheers!

  30. Intotally came here for the khala status but eeek so excited for you guys!! It’s a big move but you have the right guy with you and on you go to the next adventure!!!

  31. I can imagine what DUBAI is for us, i have just moved to another state but miss Dubai like hell but Australia is worth living . My sister lives in Melbourne and I am sure you will enjoy living there .

  32. Best of luck with the move! So happy for you both 🙂

  33. Best of luck with your move! Sounds super exciting 🙂 can’t wait to see your new house in Aussie land!

  34. Oh wow!! Best of luck! I can completely relate to your missing dubai part.. im moving to Lahore and am having unbelievable withdrawal! Except you’ll be in a whole new country! Hope you conquer Australia like u did first Pakistan and then UAE! Lots of love!

  35. Wow all the best. I hope this new journey of your life be awesome for u inshallah. Stay blessed and happy always.

  36. Woah!! That’sss a greatttt news mannnn ma shaaAllah !!! Good luck in everything you do … you are the bestttttttt shehzeeeeeeeeen ❤️ So happy to hear that .. May Allahtalla’h make your ways easyy and fulfill your dreamsss 😍😍 ma shaaAllah 😊🍻😎

  37. Best of luck shahzeen! We will be moving to sydney from Dubai in a couple of months as well so any tips or experiences u have while moving would be really great! I think at the moment we r thinking of airbnb-ing it…try it out, and again best of luck to both of you!

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