Timeout: Airbnb’s Most Popular Listing. And More.

Timeout: Airbnb’s Most Popular Listing. And More.

1. Hi. I’d like to stay in this magical treehouse, thanks. It’s Airbnb’s most popular listing, but more than anything I fell in love with the intent behind this place and the owner’s thoughts about it – he has the most widely requested property on Airbnb and yet doesn’t want to expand. What a winner. (There’s a video tour here if you’re interested).

2. Seven things you should clean out from your closet immediately (totally did this a couple of weekends ago, feels so good).

3. Celebrity wrapping papers. If I were a celebrity, this is literally the first thing I’d want developed for myself. #lulz.

4. Love this DIY for Gucci inspired pillows.

5. How they eat food on a movie set and what really is in those wine glasses.

Have a great week, guys.


  1. You are a celebrity in our eyes,darling :*

  2. Loved the wrapping paper and the closet cleaning bit

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