The Best Of 2017

The Best Of 2017

Hi guyssss. Sorry for going MIA on the blog on Friday and Monday – I had family trips lined up and even though I planned it out well but some last minute stuff came up and I couldn’t get done with this post on time. So I thought to screw everything, just hang with the family and come back here today.

Like last year, I thought to do a recap of the last 12 months. Even though I share a limited part of my life here with you guys, it’s always fun to share some of the highlights that so many of you have been along with me on 🙂 I hope it’s the same for you. #fingerscrossed

Started the year on a high note with Coldplay on new year’s eve with friends. Coldplay is always magical so it was just too perfect.

Then got the birthday surprise of my life, on a yacht, right as the year  started off (I’m a January baby). I’d been waiting to go on a yacht like a bhooki since forever so I guess Nabeel thought it was about time. We don’t really do birthday surprises every year (#jabmoodhua), so it was a nice change and tons of fun.

Then traveled to the US right after to meet the love of all of our family’s lives, my newest baby niece, Raanya. I’m OBSESSED with her and it was a phenomenal trip and here is the both of us posing in front of the Capitol in style, thanks.

Came back after a luxurious five weeks with my baby marshmallow, and went straight to the Guns N Roses concert the next day and it was awesome. Nabeel’s a ginormous fan and it was the whole band together after ages so it was really something else (more for him but I helped momentarily gatecrash a VIP spot, and was then thrown out shortly, so it was nice for me too).

Made over our entryway and loooooved it (always psycho for string lights).

Hung out with our bestestestest friends in Dubai, like there was no tomorrow. We really did so much together this year and everything felt epic.

Had my older niece and nephew visit me in Dubai for the first time ever and it was SO MUCH FUN. I love them to bits so it was JUST FANTASTIC having them around for a whole week.

Also hung out LOADS, with Nabeel’s niece and nephews, who I’m fond of too, too much.

Had our six year anniversary and fell even more in love, wooohoo (thanks for saying Mashallah).

Had incredible amounts of fun with family visiting us throughout the year.

Had an absolutely amazing Ramzan (with my tapori style décor).

And fun, fun Eids with friends.

Managed to finally do Hajj with Nabeel and seriously had the best trip of our lives. Zero exaggeration. Don’t miss our haars.

Did lots of fun work projects.

Had my work in print and online a few times, including my home in The Jungalow (!!!). (You can read the interview in the picture above right here, if you’d like)

Went to many, many, many movie premieres and advanced screenings. Considering how much we go to the cinema and what movie fans we are, this is a serious highlight, bros.

Went on Faraz’s birthday trip to Georgia and had such fun with our favorite people, omagads.

Finally created a home studio for myself (which also happily moonlights as a guest room).

Made tiny additions to the rest of the home., like this disco ball magic that makes me very happy every single day.

Had many birthday parties at home (I’m a total fan of throwing random, no-fuss parties).

And many game nights.

And even more movie nights.

And just generally loved being at home.

During the day and at night (heh).

And then ended the year with the best gift from you guys, my very first award for Best Blogger 2017. WHAT AN ENDING GUYS, THANK YOU FOREVER.

But just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, something even more magical happened and I had my strawberry baby, Raanya, come visit me in Dubai for a few days and now finally ending the year cuddled with her and the rest of my family in Pakistan as we speak.

That’s about it. This will be my last post of the year and I’ll be back on the blog with some extremely special news in the week of January 8, 2018 that I just can’t wait to share with you all. I’m on Snapchat (shehzeen-r) and Instastories (@shehzeenr) in the meanwhile, so please come join me there.

As we end the year, I just want to say a few things. Be kind to yourself and your relationships. Don’t align what makes you happy along someone else’s standard or expectation. And don’t compare your ‘bests’ with anyone else’s. I hope you had a year that helped you be the best version of ‘you’ and that your 2018 takes you where you need to be. Your highs make your heart full and your lows keep you grounded. Thank you very much, as always, for accepting the parts of my life that I share with you and thank you for sharing some of yours in return. I wish you a very happy new year.



  2. Hi shehzeen,

    I stumbled upon your blog almost a year ago now. Randomly started following you and with time have come to love reading your posts. I love the simplicity and the no fuss attitude!

    Congratulations to you on winning the best blogger award, its wonderful to see the media and your followers vote for someone real rather than bloggers whose blogs and they themselves are consumed by nothing but meaningless things and conversation that only money can buy!

    Keep up the wonderful work! We enjoy it.

    May god bless you and your family! Now and always!



  3. What an amazing year you gave US, DWW! <3

    May you have an even better 2018 and make loads of new memories to treasure for a lifetime!

  4. Aaaaap bahut ziada piyaari ho 😍 HUGE FAN from sukkur, sindh.

  5. Dayuuuum you had one helluva year. All the pictures are incredible ❤
    You are my favorite Blogger. May you have an even better 2018✨

  6. I have been following you for over a year now and I can honestly say that you are one of the most positive, creative, and uplifting bloggers around! I hardly read blogs anymore but look forward to your posts as there’s some seriously great inspiration coming in every day. So glad to read about the happy 2017 you have had and wishing that 2018 gets only better and better!

  7. Thisis one crazy fantastic year masha Allah..may Allah always keep u sooo happy and even more successful

  8. So happy for you for the good that happened to you in 2017 and wish the bestest of things for 2018. Totally loved what you wrote at the end ‘your highs make your heart full and lows keep you grounded’.

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