Setting Up Home For A Special Guest

Setting Up Home For A Special Guest

I’m about to explode. My sister who gave birth to the love of my life, my laddoo baby niece, Raanya, is stopping over in Dubai for the weekend and I get to yummy up with the baby like a NUT, before anyone else from my family gets access (lulz, sorry guys). My sister’s mostly going to be busy with in-laws and it’s only two days, but you take what you can get, so here we are.

I’m an official ‘spoiler’. If I’m invested in a relationship, I spoil that person to no end (Nabeel, please help validate this). And for those of you who’re witness to my (totally normal) obsession for Raanya, you can expect me to go major overboard. So as soon as I found out about their travel plans, I immediately started checking out stuff I could do for her.

Among other things like getting her favorite food, toiletries (lol), and picking up some tiny gifts, I wanted to welcome her into our space and make it all.about.her (she can’t tell now but one day I’ll blackmail her with photographic evidence of this trip). I started looking for things to get and one day found this incredible website,, that lets you rent all the baby stuff you need (!!!). Naturally I did two backflips and immediately decided this was my next life goal. I quickly reached out to them and they were totally game to be on the blog and so the few days after that, I spent a completely appropriate (not) amount of time browsing through the categories to see what all I could have. And, guyssss, I ended up picking out stuff that I loved so, so much AND I CANNOT WAIT FOR HER TO USE IT ALL. Let’s take a quick tour of my place all decked out for my cotton candy in the following images. (I’ll also tell you a little bit about the Hire4Baby website after these pictures because it’s too perfect and definitely worth using yourself).

We set up this travel cot in the guest room which has a bed with music and vibrations to soothe the baby as well as a changing table. It’s a travel item so it packs up super compactly, even the changing table can be folded. I love that the sides are mesh, so while it’s pretty big, it doesn’t feel like the room is cramped at all. I laooo it.

My cutie always eats on a high chair at home and enjoys her time on it so much (nearly half of her videos come from that esteemed spot) that I really wanted to get one for her. This one’s adjustable (it grows with the kid), comes with restraint straps and a food tray and I love that it also totally goes with my décor (hashtag, bonus). I set it up in the living room and then was about to move it to the back of the couch until those guys arrived and Nabeel was like, ‘Naooo, it looks good here, keep it!”. LOL. So it’s been here since 3 days now, congratulations everyone.

My favoritest part of the whole setup is this mini play area I created for her in our living area. These are pretty much the exact same toys she has back at home so I’m SO excited for her to play with them. From left to right: I got the Sit to Stand Dancing Tower (with the teddy on top), the First Steps Baby Walker (she’s just about starting, #emotional), the Music + Lights Puppy Walker and the ELC Baby Percussion Mat. She already plays with this stuff at home itnay mazay se, I’m too excited.

Then I also got this bathtub because my marshmallow loves bath time and there should be no compromise on that. (I also got a travel-sized baby toiletries pack for her separately from Carrefour, to confirm to everyone that I’ve officially lost my mind, no big deal).

And now onto more important stuff, I got this Mountain Buggy Nano stroller which literally folds down to the size of a briefcase, which is so important for me, because I can stow it away comfortably when we’re done using, since we already have limited space in the apartment. AND, is easy to carry around because our trunk space in the car is also quite limited (usually, we ‘re fighting to get larger strollers in that don’t fold up completely).

And lastly I got this car seat for my bubblegum (Shehla’s nickname for her) which was resting on my office desk for this photo and would have been installed in the car by the time you read this.

That’s about it! I don’t think my place has ever looked better. I LOVE all this stuff and being able to have access to so much without actually having to buy any of it. Am too excited and I can’t believe I was able to make this all happen for her so easily. I love you Hire4Baby.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I love this too much in our guest room

Now here’s some info on Hire4Baby for you guys:

Who is Hire4Baby good for? Someone like me who has guests over and wants to either make the process more efficient or just be more welcoming for the parents with toys etc. OR if you’re someone whose traveling to the UAE and doen’t want to lug around heavy stuff like car seats and strollers or just generally wants to save space/baggage allowance for shopping (for cases where airlines charge for checking in these things), etc. Most of their products are also travel friendly so they package up nicely and very compactly, if you’ll be staying in more than one place during your trip or have limited space in your room.

How does it work? Order online on their website and have the stuff delivered to wherever you are – at a hotel, friend’s place or even the airport. The team comes to hand over your stuff and then collects from you.

Please appreciate this play area one more time, thanks.

What all do they have? Other than car seats, strollers, and everything I showed above, they’ve got baby carriers, sleep cots, bassinets, bouncers, bottle & food warmers, sterilizers, changing tables, baby gyms, toys, baby monitors, play gyms, SAFETY GATES (I’m so getting this to keep the next incoming moving baby locked in from places they shouldn’t be going, lol), even hospital grade breast pumps and wheelchairs.

What about cleanliness and hygiene? We all want to give the babies in our life the cleanest and most hygienic of products. OF COURSE. All of Hire4Baby’s items are inspected by a Child Passenger Safety certified technician and each and every part is sanitized and steam cleaned through a five-step process using natural, hypoallergenic, baby-friendly products. This makes them a gazillion times better and safer than the high chairs that we use at restaurants, the strollers at the airport, the car seats in cabs, etc..

Polling now: Should I keep this high chair forever? Please be candid.

What else? They have bundle offers for a mix of products (for hotel guests as well as those staying with friends or family) that you can check out here.

Prices. All prices are mentioned on their website for each individual item, along with the bundle offers I mentioned above. They have budget items to more high end pieces, and so there’s something for everyone.

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I have quite a few guests over all the time and had NO idea something like this existed. I love the rates, I love the quality and condition of the products, and I love the service (everything came packaged as good as new). I’m totally, totally going to get my parent-friends to rent stuff from here when they travel to the UAE and also get stuff from here for my own guests with kids. Confirmed.

Here’s the Hire4Baby website: and you can follow them on Facebook here and Instagram here.


  1. Oh my God, this is genius! Strollers and car seats are such a hassle to carry around in the airplane. And most airlines damage the stroller’s wheels during transport. I always knew there were companies doing this but they always looked shady and I had hygiene concerns. This one looks nice and clean. Completely using them for my next trip IA

    P.s: enjoy time with your niece. Your place looks adorable and I’m sure she’ll love it too, even if she can’t say it yet 🙂

    1. Author

      Omg I’m so over sentimental right now that I’m flipped over you saying “she’ll love it too”. LOL. Thank you 🙂 And yup, that’s one more thing I realized, carrying stuff around really damages it overall too sadly 🙁 Wish I’d known about these guys earlier, we have Nabeel’s niece and nephews over so much of the time!

  2. Best khala 😍
    MashaAllah ☺

  3. This is so incredibly thoughtful of you, and I’m genuinely happy you get to spend a dream weekend with your beautiful niece! Your khushi is bouncing off of this post, and had me smiling the entire time Haha. Have a wonderful time with your family.

    1. Author

      Haha I can’t believe I’m seeing her!!!!! Thank you so much for the pyaara message :*

  4. Hey Shehzeen..
    You did great with the setup and all. Not just the things, I love how vibrant the colors are too. Love it
    I am sure Ranya is going to enjoy every bit if it InshaAllah.. hope you enjoy the time with her as much as she’s enjoy the things..

    Just one thing.. add something soft at the bottom of the travel cot.. it’s kind of thin.. my kids always preferred a quilt on it before sitting or playing. So add on an extra quilt on it for softness & comfort!
    And a soft cushion for the dinning chair too..

    Hope your sister enjoys the stay and you enjoy this yummy love time with the little one 😘

    1. Author

      Thank you for such sweet suggestions. I will definitely add those :* So excited for the weekend 🙂

  5. OMG .. i am amazed by looking at your sense of managing everything (so perfectly) in limited space .. i would have get panic attacks in such kinda situations =p you are Super Talented .. MashaAllah … your niece surely gonna love all the arrangements 😄 enjoy your time 😊👍

  6. Omg i m goin crazy lookin at this. So so bloody thoughtful of you.

  7. Love it shehzeen!! Its amazing!

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