Cutest illustration by Nabeel’s chotu nephew (he choose the picture himself). I find it so, so adorable how he wanted to sketch that. It’s the long weekend, bros and there are few things I like as much as a long weekend. Had lunch at our place with Shehla and Faraz yesterday and then went for a movie late night. Love being at home and catching up on things I’ve been meaning to do, when there are more than two days to the weekend. I’ve got tiny plans to do lots of things around our place, very excited about it. Hope everyone has a good long weekend and if you can, don’t forget to tip someone a tiny bit extra (like your house help, perhaps) who may not have the luxury of extended time off like most of us.

What an amazing night at the Madinat Theatre with Zia Mohiuddun, last Wednesday night. Loved it.

SUCH delicious lunch that Shehla cooked and brought over: keema methi and shaljam gosht. The keema was so good I ended up with three chapatis in my tummy. #noregrets

I almost never have TV on in the background while I work but last Tuesday I felt like changing things up so watched Autumn in New York from my desk as I caught up with my emails. Was too much fun to switch up the usual routine. By the way, is there anyone who loved that movie when it came out but now it feels like a horrible cliché? Can’t believe I liked it so much at one time and now watching it after so long made me go all hain?! Anyone feel me?

Weekend preps.

Have a great weekend, guys.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

p.s. If you haven’t voted for me for the Masala Awards nomination, I’d really appreciate it if you did. Here’s the link with details. Thank you so much to everyone whose already done it, you’re absolutely the best.

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  1. Loving the sound of lng weekending.. the mask looks fun and so does the zia moheuddin..

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