How I Convert From Studio To Guest Room

How I Convert From Studio To Guest Room

Yoohoo. When I did the guest room/studio/room-of-my-very-efficient-work-dreams, a lot of you asked me about seeing the space done up when we were expecting guests. So today very quickly, I’m going to take you through how we change things up to host people staying over and how it works out overall.

Before anything else, I just want to say this, you guys: Making a studio for myself was one of my best work decisions of the year because it has helped my work immensely. I can make a mess, leave things the way they are when I’m done and am feeling lazy to put it all back. It doesn’t interfere with everyday life and allows me extra space to store boxes, do shoots, prep multiple things together. It’s the absolute best. Even though having guests over means I have to move out of this space for a bit, not having a studio for just a few days versus not having a studio AT ALL, is better in every way. No debate in my mind. If you’ve been considering this for whatever work you do, or just generally thinking of making your guest room, a dual function space, GO FOR IT.

Okay, back to things, we’ve already had three sets of guests over since we did this change, and all with different kinds of trips. Converting the room to a full guest room takes us about 5 minutes MAX, which is the best part about it all. When I was doing the layout, I wanted very minimal intervention to switch things from studio to guest room to back to studio, so I laid things out in a way to let that happen easily.

So basically we do 5 simple things to get things ready and here they are. They take about five minutes to execute.

1. Pull out the sofa-bed to get things going (see above). We put a mattress protector on top, then a fitted sheet on top of that and then add pillows (all of these things we keep flat compressed in our closet storage). Then we arrange all the colorful, fun cushions until the guests arrive so it looks nice and welcoming. Since throw pillows can be annoying for people to manage, once everyone’s settled in, we move the cushions to right under the sofa-bed in a large plastic bag….there’s lots of space under and they don’t show at all and stay nice and happy there until the guests leave.

2. Move the speaker either to the window (or bedroom/living room/wherever) and leave the chair out for luggage. If the luggage is larger, I move the chair to my own bedroom to leave space for a whole suitcase to get pulled out and stay there for easy access. In the case of a second suitcase, the area in front of the window has enough space to accommodate it. (Before we did up this room, it used to be filled with random, useless stuff all the time, so we actually had less space for guests then. Even then, suitcases used to fit in nice and easy with no worries).

3. Clear the cabinet top to offer extra space for random things. Our guest bathroom has a ton of counter space so people usually keep their makeup, toiletries there super easily. But just to offer more room, I remove five decorative items from the cabinet top that are usually there (palm tree, lucite hand, wooden box, watch stand and candle) and put them in one of the drawers below. Here, I set up a few of my own pouches and perfume type things in their place to demo for you boys, you’re welcome.

I also add an extra dish from my own bedroom for jewelery (left) and leave that orange bowl out (right) to catch random stuff – cash, keys, tickets, pills, etc.

4. Our closet in the room also has a duvet/comforter stowed away that we pull out for use at night. The white throw, that you see on the end of the bed, we fold that up and put in the cupboard (it’s purely decorative for during the day).

5. If anyone needs an extra bed, we have foldable mattresses in our storeroom that we lay out only at night, right in front of Nabeel’s desk. And then fold them back up during the day. (I remembered this point much later, so didn’t have time to photograph it, but it looks real cosy).

That’s about it. Hope this helps give a complete idea of how the entire space functions. Bubye.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

If you don’t know what I’m talking about and would like to fully see this room with a very split personality, here you go. Or if you’ve already seen it but would like to see it again and again, I appreciate your general direction in life.


  1. Such a cute room with a split personality 😀 May you always get to host tameezdaar guests ’cause my heart will break if they break anything from this gorgeous room 🙁

    1. Author

      Hehe shukran. We’ve generally had such good guests, I’ve never had anything broken in the last seven years! Even the kids have always been super well behaved #TOUCHWOOD (now that I’ve said it, something will break lulz)

  2. Amazing I am impressed girl

  3. This is soooo sooo cool. Would love to be your guest one day bt seems like that aint gonna happen and i can dream on lol.

  4. Impressive…… Keep it up…..

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