The Best Biryani In Dubai: Double Masala Beef Biryani At Pak Lyari

The Best Biryani In Dubai: Double Masala Beef Biryani At Pak Lyari

It was very hard to compose this post.

If you love biryani (if you don’t, then who really are you?), let’s huddle because I gots my favoritest biryani in Dubai to share with you today. It’s possibly one of the best biryanis I’ve ever had (I want to say ‘the best’ but that might set the expectations too high for some people so let’s keep it controlled). It’s indulgent, it’s delicious and every bite is like a party in your mouth.

The sexy biryani I’ve developed a very deep relationship with is the Double Masala Beef Biryani at Pak Lyari Restaurant. Perfectly layered with just the right rice to meat to masala ratio. One serving feels huge but once you begin, it’s hard to not finish the whole thing off. It’s also not extremely spicy so the double masala won’t kill you – I tried single masala first because someone said double would be too much, but trust me, you want the double masala only. ALSO, please do the beef, even if you hate beef. The beef is so much magic. I’d also like to inform everyone that the biryani has aaloo, for all concerned parties.

I’ve never seen anything so beautiful.

The restaurant isn’t fancy at all, boys. Like an enclosed dhaba. For some people probably even slightly questionable hygiene, so you can always pack up and takeaway if you don’t want to eat inside. But my personal recommendation is to eat it as it comes, hot, hot, hot right there at the restaurant.

What: Double Masala Beef Biryani
Where: Pak Lyari Restaurant, Naif (there’s one near Meena Bazaar too, but I haven’t gone to that one)
Price: Don’t remember but about 10-15 aed per plate

– Please try the beef.
– Do double masala.
– Parking isn’t so easy in the area. We usually park in the underground parking area near the restaurant and it usually ends up being that pathan parking situation where the guy makes you park in whatever spot he can find.

That’s it. Tell me your fave biryanis also?


  1. Mouth watering. 😁
    My favourite is Bait al Karachi’s biryaani. Its In sharjah.
    U mist must ask for super masaaley daar Biryaani.

  2. Wow this sounds sooo soo good. My fave is the one my mil makes

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