Q&A With My Mom

Q&A With My Mom

My valima picture with the mother

I got some questions on Snapchat and Insta for my mom, when I posted about her a few times. And since we’re pretty much not stepping out of the house at all, I thought I’d use her time in rest mode to do a fun, chill Q&A with me here on the blog. I’d have totally loved her to do it live, and I know a few of you asked for that, but she wasn’t up for it so this is it. I asked you guys to send me your questions and I picked some of the more frequently asked ones and she cutely answered them for us.

In no particular order, here we go. I added my comments in brackets at some points. Also please note these are my mom’s opinions, not mine (not that I have a problem with anything she says, but her mind, her opinion and so we don’t have the same viewpoints on everything in life).

Q. Ammi, what did you study (I know this, of course) and what did you do/do you do right now?

I did my Masters in Sociology from Hyderabad before getting married. I was a housewife for the initial years of my life but had a very independent lifestyle at home. In my 40’s I did my LLB in very randomly. It was challenging but I enjoyed it and made good friends and connections. After that I started a business on my own and have been a small salon owner since nearly 20 years.

Q. What was the most annoying habit of Shehzeen’s as a child? And what’s the most loveable habit of hers now?

Most annoying thing she used to do when she was younger was that she wouldn’t eat without taking my permission! If I was sleeping and she wanted to eat something, even if it was a cookie, she would wait until I would wake up from my nap and then ask me if should take that cookie! I’d tell her every time, why did you wait?? Just have it. But she wouldn’t do anything without permission. (If only I could do that now, I’d be a Sports Illustrated model, lulz)

The sweetest thing she does now is that whatever I ask for, I get it. I just name it and she makes it happen it for me.

Q. Have you ever objected to her blogging? Are you comfortable with her sharing her life with the world?

All my kids do what they want to do with their lives. And whatever Shehzeen shares is never wrong. It’s only things we all talk about with friends or colleagues in social settings, and some of the things are very helpful, so what can I object to 🙂

Q. What should parents keep in mind when raising daughters?

Raise them equal to your sons, give them all the same opportunities and everything else gets taken care of.

Q. Did you worry that living by herself in Karachi would make it difficult for her to find a life partner?

It was initially hard for me to have her live by herself in Karachi and I did oppose it. But then my husband made me understand that there was nothing wrong about it and we had to support her. After that, it became a normal thing for us. She was independent and made good choices. Marriage happens when it has to happen, you cannot control it so I left everything up to God. Plus I knew she would marry of her own choice so finding a partner was already outsourced to her haha.

Q. What’s your opinion on saas-bahu relationships? Not your own specifically but generally.

To treat her as your own family member and just like you would forego some mistakes your own daughter makes, let go of mistakes she makes too. Also, to not engage in tu tu main main, always keep respect and give each other space to have your own lives.

Q. If you had your own blog, what would you call it?

The desi wonder mom!

Lol, good one, mom. Thanks for giving this ime. Hope you guys enjoyed it!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Literally everyone’s worn my valima clothes in different parts at weddings (dupatta/lengha/kameez by sister 1/sister 2/me/niece). You can see the shirt here (my posing is making me cringe, lulz).


  1. You look super gorgeous as always!! *-*
    Enjoyed reading the Q&A 🙂 and omg, reading about your habit of asking your mom before eating anything is so hilarious lolol.

  2. I enjoyed alot ur questions n ur mom’s answers 😊n u were most obedient kid on earth☺

  3. Such a cute bad habit! 😀
    Oh and thanks for answering my question desi wonder mom! <3
    you rock! 😀

  4. Loved it , Q2 is my favourite 😍😍😍😍

  5. Our love and regards from Cavalry ground,Lhr to anty najma ….we really miss her !whenever I pass her street I think about her .May Allah keep her blessed always☺.

  6. Hahaha Maza agaya .. 👌💃 your mom is amazing ma shaaAllah loved reading all your habits 😂😂

  7. Your mom is amazing MASHAALLAH 😊

  8. Ure moms a rockstar..u being her daughter totally showss

  9. Thank you for this permissions Wali habit. I got it from you and it carried on for infinitely longer in my case

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