Introducing You To Dancing Girl

Introducing You To Dancing Girl

Talking to you guys today about my most favorite piece of art in the house right now: My custom dancing girl for my guest room/studio makeover in my valima-inspired clothes courtesy Sidra Raja (I’m sure many of you remember her from these times and also from my general crushing on her from time to time).

So when I was planning my guest room I accidentally discovered the dancing girl illustrations Sidra did and I went lattoo over them. I ordered Sidra (also known as begged, in some societies) to make one for the room and she generously agreed to do one for me. She also had the genius idea to take it a step ahead and put her in my valima clothes!! (btw, I asked her during the development of this masterpiece to add an extra color which wasn’t in my original clothes, in case you were wondering where that pink came from. Also, we decided to keep things minimal with her and not over accessorize cos the room was already pretty loud).

How she looks on the wall

I loved the piece so much and because Sidra does them from time to time I immediately decided to properly introduce them to you (I’ve been impatiently waiting since I did the guest room reveal, things kept getting in the way). So here we are and here are some brilliant facts about these dancing girls and why you need to have them:

  1. The dancing girl piece comes in standard sizing but can also be customized to a size of your choice, whatever you want.
  2. It’s one of a kind and so, so beautiful. I love everything about their clothes, accessories, hair, movement.
  3. It would be a FANTASTIC gift for a friend getting married in the clothes she’ll actually wear on her wedding (mayoun, mehndi, barat, valima, whatever you’d like). Or a gift to yourself for your own shadi. Or an anniversary present! I think it’s genius and like no other gift.
  4. If you don’t want your bridal clothing cos not everyone be married/many other reasons, you can still ask for a custom piece and go as minimal or loud as you want. Colors or patterns can be neutral or over the top.

My personal recommendation is that you order one for yourself immediately.

Another one of her pieces I looooove. She’s GORGEOUS.

All price and size details for regular or custom pieces are with Sidra who can be reached by inbox on her Facebook page (here) or by DM on her Instagram (here) or by email at Sidra is currently in Dubai but can ship anywhere in the world where it’s legally allowed to courier so feel free to spam her.

One more of Sidra’s dancing girl illustrations. Love the florals.

ALSO, for all of my blog readers, she’s offering a 20% discount so if you’re placing an order, please don’t pay full price and remember to mention the discount code DWWDANCING (cutest discount code, FYI).

You can also see more of my dancing girl in my guest room/studio makeover right here if you haven’t seen it before or would like to see it again (I fully support you to do this multiple times). Bubye.


  1. This is the cutest thing ever. Anything customized is special as it shows effort for the client.
    Sidra is talented AF ( sorry for the curse word but it shows intensity lol).

  2. Uff she is soo sooo pretty..has so much character. Lovely

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