Favoritest picture of Ammi and Abbu; one of my personal missions in life is to get such a vintage picture with Nabeel. Can’t believe it’s almost been a week since I’ve been home with mom, initially it felt like there was loads of time and then suddenly there wasn’t. Nabeel came to Karachi last night to see his parents just for the weekend (we had both planned our trips in our heads and when we randomly discussed with each other on the same day, it turned out we would overlap, much happiness was experienced). I’m going to go see him and his family for a couple of hours today or tomorrow and then he’ll come to see mine; verrry excited about seeing him, naturally. Haven’t stepped out of the house otherwise for even a millisecond, except for one trip to the clinic for mom, so I’m not sure what the outside world looks like right now, lulz.

My love for plants, courtesy my mom. Loving the large statement ones in her balcony right now.

Have always loved this ceramic flamenco dancer that I got for Ammi from my trip to Barcelona in 2010. My mom enjoys decorating so whenever I travel I always pick something up for her to have around the house. This is one of my favorite travel presents I got her and even though one of her hands is no longer with us (RIP), I love her too much and always get excited to see her.

Bhindi dyring under the pankha in mom’s room for me. I was never a sabzi eating kid but over time I started enjoying having sabzi roti SO much, it’s shocking for me. I can’t get my hands on good Pakistani style vegetarian stuff in Dubai easily (biryani/nihari/indulgent dishes are no challenge) so I’ve been requesting all kinds of veggie salans here, heh. Tamatar ki sabzi is next, thank you everyone.

Only I know how I’ve managed to work from here considering I didn’t slow things down and have been on personal assistant duty to mom throughout the week 😛 I’ve been writing one line of email or a blog post, then getting up to do a chore, then one line, then chore, *high five*. I’ve compensated with working late till 2 or 3 am when the house is quiet but I can’t really sleep till late in the mornings anymore so waking up at 8 everyday has not just made me kind of sleep deprived but also blessed me with the most gorgeous under eye circles. This is life and these are priorities, wooohooo. It’s all been worth it (and also compensation time for days when I probably made my parents’ lives hell), so no regraaats.

Have a great weekend, guys. See you in Dubai on Monday.


  1. Beautiful photo of your parents MashAllah. Lots of dua’as for them both <3

  2. That picture is evergreen for sure 😍
    Aaaand I love bhindi too *hi-five* 🙋🏻‍♀️
    Also, that dancer from Barcelona is so cool 😎
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. The photo reminded me of the one in Rahul’s house in the movie Kabhhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum :p

  4. Little Lahore in JLT has great bhindi and a whole selection of other veggie dishes I haven’t tried!

  5. You look like your mother alotttt 😍 i love how you manage everything so perfectly … such an ideal lady you are 😀 MashaAllah .. May Allah always protect you from evil eye Ameen SummaAmeen 😊💖

  6. This fridays post is super special as alls frm ure moms.. loved the last bit of the article the most.. love ure spirits

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