Best Blogger Nomination – Need You Guys!

Best Blogger Nomination – Need You Guys!

Old picture to remind us of the good blog times we’ve spent together

Update: You’ll see a smaller list of nominated bloggers versus the one I’ve posted below, since a shortlisting was done after the initial voting.

Hey. Awkward post here, you guys. Help me.

So I’m that person whose kind of uncomfortable with asking to be voted for or market themselves, etc. I found out a few days ago that I was nominated for a best blogger award and even though it made me quite happy (because I mean it’s nice to be appreciated), but being the lame person that I am, I wasn’t going to do anything about it.

Over the last couple of days I got many messages from people telling me that they’d seen my nomination and had voted (a couple of people even asked me why I don’t promote myself and I felt a little embarrassed :P). I didn’t realise that would happen and it made me feel really loved. Then the one person who’s my biggest fan got on my case: Nabeel. Whenever I’m traveling, he doesn’t bug me at all, always patiently waiting for me to talk to him when I free. But ever since I sent him the link to the awards website, he’s been messaging me constantly to get on it (and making faces on WhatsApp when I defer and say, ‘okay karti hoon’).

So cutting this pointless story short, here I am. After thinking about it last night, I think I’m ready to ignore my own self and share with you guys, what is a sweet, mini achievement.

I’ve been nominated for the ‘best blogger’ award here in the UAE by Masala Awards. It’s the biggest Asian awards scene here and along with the Bollywood bit they also celebrate Asian talent in the UAE. I’m nominated in the popular choice category which means these nominations will be selected based on people voting.

If you like my work, I’d looooove it if you voted for me. They’re accepting votes from the UAE so please vote yourself and maybe also force your best friend/spouse/parent/neighbor/darzi to also do it for me. (But if you’re not from the UAE, try and vote anyway :P)

Here’s how you can vote (I tried it out to check and it only takes about 1-2 minutes)
1. Register on the Masala Awards website first (or vote for whoever you want and it will take you to login/register after that).
2. Validate yourself by clicking on the link received in your email or enter the code sent to your registered mobile number.
3. Once you’ve made your choice, click on the Submit button at the end of the page.
4. You’ll get a thank you message for voting. You’re done 🙂

Voting closes on December 4, 2017 so I’ll probably (definitely) harass you a few more times about this. THANK YOU IF YOU’VE ALREADY VOTED and thank you if you’ll vote now (and fittay mun if you vote for someone else, lulzzz). Byeee.


  1. OMG… this is so awesome! You indeed are the best blogger, at least for me… wish I could vote for you. But i’ll definitely try my luck and will try to vote for you.
    This is insanely ahhhhmazing by the way… so happy for you 😃😃😃
    All the very best for the award, may you win it *Imagining you on the stage giving a thank you speech in my head already* 😁

      1. Thanks ☺️ But I am just being honest. Your blog (and you) was among one of my inspirations when I started mine and it still is hence the ‘fan’ comment 🙈

  2. I think we cant vote using Pakistani number. “/

    1. You can, i just did. You get the verification code on email

  3. DONE DONE DONE 😀 I cant believe you were even thinking on not talking about this madddsss !

    1. Author

      Haha, I’m a little twisted that way but good to be married to a more reasonable person 😛

  4. Done done doneee!!!! I hope you win coz you are definitely the BEST!! <3

  5. Don’t usually do this.. done so this time!
    It’s like I have a virtual friend in you 😛
    Lovee the snaps & the posts. Also miss you when you’re gone lolz
    Look fwd to everything.. shughal baatein and the actual content ofc .. Keep soaring ❤️

  6. From PAKISTAN and I just voted for you. (no fiittay moan for me because I did not even know any other blogger on the list) God, what loyalty evidence.

  7. Hey! this is awesome and Nabeel is totally right 🙂 Anyways, I have a question. I voted and tried entering my mobile number and it called it invalid. I am thinking this is not for US residents. Can anyone or you, Shezeen advise so I can vote!!!

    1. Author

      Maybe the country code was missing? Regardless thank you so much for even trying, that means the world to me! <3

  8. can we just vote once or can do multiple times? if i can i will vote every day till 4th dec 😛 #youarethebest #loveyou

  9. Done! Really hoping you win this!! 😀 😀
    *Fingers crossed*

  10. This is sooo huge masha Allah… Would have loved to vote

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