My 3 Favorite Skin Perfecting Products: BB Cream, Concealer, Foundation

My 3 Favorite Skin Perfecting Products: BB Cream, Concealer, Foundation

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Over the years, I’ve become more of a take-care-of-your-skin versus find-the-product-that-hides-your-flaws kind of person so I pretty much don’t own more than a few cosmetics (but do want to expand my skincare situation). Even still I do enjoy looking a little put-together with some bb cream and some concealer on most days so I’m sharing the three skin perfecting products that have been a permanent in my makeup inventory for many, many months now: for their delivery, for their very, very natural look and price-point (what a package deal).

I understand that a lot of people are not so confident with a bare face, because not all of us have the same skin issues – some are ‘worse’ than others (I put that in quotes because no skin is ugly to me). It’s alright and learning to love yourself the way you are is a process. And if you do feel confident with a little bit of help, it’s okay. Do what makes you feel good. But even with these skin ‘perfecting’ products, this is my approach: I want to look a little polished for things like meetings, hangouts with friends. But I also want my skin to peek through. I do have light pigmentation on my skin here and there and I don’t mind at all if you can see it through my bb cream (I know some people have tougher skin to manage, I say this for you too). Skin should always look fresh and healthy, not caked and suffocating. You don’t have to hide every spot, every scar. It should always, always look like your skin. (If you ask me, spots and other skin imperfections not completely masked with product actually look really beautiful. If you do a light layer, it looks much better versus full coverage).

Anyhoo, getting to the point, here are my three favorite skin perfecting products.


Important points before we begin:

– My skin type is normal, sometimes dry.
– I apply all of these with a damp beauty blender (the result is just not the same with your hands or a dry sponge. Haven’t tried with a makeup brush because I don’t enjoy cheating on my beauty blender).
– I always keep my skin exfoliated well (frequency depends on your skin). When I don’t, even the products can only do so much. A nicely cleansed, scrubbed face makes the product shine like a superstar.
– All products take about a few minutes to settle into your skin so once you apply, go have a banana while it sinks in.
– I don’t do primer but I always, always moisturize my face before putting any makeup on.
– I’ve noticed that when I put the product on my hand and dip the beauty blender in it and then go over my skin, it sits much better on my face versus if I directly dot the product on my face and then blend. I prefer the middleman.

Ok back to the list. All three of these products cover evenly, pretty much last all day, smooth out your skin and let it shine through.

1. Garnier Skinactive BB Cream (Some of my older tubes also say ‘Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream, Miracle Skin Perfector’)

I’ve loved this BB cream for a very long time. It gives a very fresh finish and after a couple of minutes really settles into your skin. It’s not extremely sheer like a lot of BB creams are, but is also not very thick and yet gives good enough coverage. You can build it up a bit, I prefer to keep it very light on a day to day basis.

Special point to note: A lot of you have told me that the Garnier BB Cream sucks. I noticed that mine’s ‘Made In France’ and apparently the ones from some other location aren’t so great. Also, there are a couple more versions of their BB cream, I use the ‘Combination to Oily’ one (even though I have normal skin, but it works for me).

Please to see consistency

Full detail on tube: Garnier Skinactive BB Cream, Combination to Oily Skin (Some of my older tubes also say ‘Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream, Miracle Skin Perfector’)
Color I use: Light usually, Medium when I’m tanned and sometimes both shades mixed if I feel the ‘light’ looks too white.
Coverage: Light to medium
Finish: Dewy (matte with powder). Very lightweight.
Packaging: Tube
Blending and texture: Super smooth

2. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

I used to use one of the MAC concealers earlier but this one’s just as good at a much lower price-point (I have closeted feelings that it’s even better than the MAC but don’t tell anyone I said that, I fear harassment). I use a thin layer under my eyes only when I feel like I should’ve slept more. Also sometimes I skip the bb cream entirely and only do some concealer. Again, it’s thin enough to not feel like you drowned yourself in product and also thick enough to cover stuff up. It’s very dewy so I usually set it with any light powder.

Please to see consistency

Full detail on tube: Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
Shade I use: 20
Coverage: Light to medium
Finish: Dewy (matte with powder). Very lightweight.
Packaging: Wand applicator
Blending and texture: Super smooth

3. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

This is such a good foundation. It literally makes your skin glow without a highlighter (for people like me who can’t/won’t do highlighter, this is a bonus). I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a good foundation at a drugstore price-point. I do this for days when I have a bigger meeting or a fancier hangout, but you can easily use it on a daily basis if you want. It’s buildable so you can do a light layer or a few of them. It makes your skin look incredible. If you have oily skin, it should be fine for you with some powder. I don’t do powder with it because I loooooove the dewy look (and also because my skin isn’t oily). Because I don’t use this everyday, the bottle can last me forever (yes, yes, I’ll toss it if it doesn’t finish by five gazillion years).

Please to see consistency

Full detail on bottle: Bourjois Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Foundation with Vitamin Mix
Shade I use: Light Beige No 53
Coverage: Medium to Full
Finish: Dewy (matte with powder). Very lightweight.
Packaging: Pump bottle
Blending and texture: Super smooth

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

For reference, since a lot of people ask me this on Snapchat, I’m an NC25 in MAC foundations (at least that’s what I was a few years ago when I used to buy it).

That’s it, bros. Tell me your drugstore favorites too along with your skin type. See you, bye.


  1. Thank you thank you thank youuuuu! I’ve just started to look around for these things and this is a huge help!!

  2. Love your blog every single day 🙂 I love the Bourjois foundation too, have heard good things about the Maybelline concealer, will definitely try it out after your reco 🙂

  3. I don’t know if a lot of people say this to you but you always have a self-worth boosting message in all your relatively “superficial” posts like on beauty. I love this about you.

  4. Thanks for the real message !

    I have been using Garnier’s BB cream for quite some time. It’s my go-to foundation. I totally agree : you can work it up to your liking. My only problem with it Is that my skin looks tan after some time ( mine is a 8 to 4 job). My solution to it is using a primer (Beauty UK) . It helped a lot. Sometimes I mix with another foundation.
    I have also used Artdeco’s liquid foundation also works well for me.
    I recently developed scars on my skin. Well that’s where I need a concealer and for that I would like to use the one you suggested.

  5. Thanks for the recommendations! Definitely going to try the Garnier BB cream. Others always leave my face so sticky and shiny, let’s see how this one fares!
    Another concealer that’s so brilliant is the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Concealer. Sits so well on the skin and lots of big makeup artists swear by it too!

  6. Oh I used Garnier once and hated it. It kept melting on my face. Not suitable for Karachi weather maybe? Currently loving Karaja Stop Shine Foundation. It’s my go-to foundation esp since my fav MUA Bina Khan recommended it. Check it out sometime?

    Thanks for the concealer recommendation! I was looking for one!

  7. I am surprised that I use/used exactly same shades as you in all of these products. Well I have used all three. Totally agree with you on bb cream and concealer, however i didn’t like healthy mix foundation. It’s too sheer and tend to be oily soon and i found it lighter than bb cream even and may be its good for those who really like minimal coverage. However other two products r my everyday go to products.

    BB cream stays on nicely for 5-6 hours but for long wear, you might consider using a little powder on top or even retouches would be nice.

    1. i also tried the original garnier bb cream, which i really hated. This one (combination to oily) has different texture and finish and is my fav. By the way my skin is also normal.

  8. I have used a lot of high end foundations as well but I keep coming back to Healthy Mix. There’s just something about it that makes your skin look so umm healthy. Five star product.

  9. Love the garnier bb cream.. in pakistan, its not the same quality as in dubai.. i dont know maybe from alFatah u can find the same quality.. i always take garnier bb cream 4 my sister from dubai whenever i visit Pakistan.

  10. Good stuff! I’m definitely a BB cream user as well, except my choice of cream is the NARS Tinted Moisturizer, comes with some SPF and even if I quickly use my finger to put it on – looks fantastic. If I use a damp beauty blender then it comes ready-to-party look. I recently bought the Fenty Beauty foundation and am pretty much in’s light, matte (I prefer to add some glow myself), and you can barely feel it on your skin. 😀

  11. Absolutely loved this post… Sooo good and soo thorough

  12. An amazing foundation with excellent coverage is the loreal infallible 24h matte…. the trxture is amazing and very light..gice a very matte try….

  13. Wow! This is awesome!!! After years of struggling with acne and getting ahm….comments, I have learned to be comfortable in my own skin. I am so pleased that there so many more options in beauty for people like me. And the fact that the products I use are cruelty-free show how far we come from the “Cover Girl” days. Thanks!!!

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