Guest Room: Before

Guest Room: Before


Hey guys. Just a very quick update on the guest room that I’ve been lazily working on the past few days. Going to take you around the room and just share what I really want to do with it. I wish I had better pictures but a minor tragedy happened: I had taken a few shots of the room cleared out sometime ago but some of the camera files got corrupted and I lost a bunch of images (for a couple of other projects too which I had to reshoot #shithappens). Sadly, I could only find these ones so focus on the bones of the room and bear with me, please (if you’re one of those who think I share uber ugly ‘before’ pictures on purpose and that the ‘after’ looks good only because the ‘before’ is a colossal disaster, then here’s a bye from me right at this point).

So the picture above is what the room looked like a few months ago. We always had a bed here and primarily used this room for people coming over (guest room, so of kwos). Sometime ago Nabeel circulated the awesome idea to convert this room into a partial studio and I loved the thought so much, I immediately said yes. Then we sat on the idea for a long time (we had a barrage of guests in the summer, then Hajj happened) and now we’re finally getting to it.


This is the other side of the room, by this time we had sold the bed so it looks more open (I’m not sure why I was taking these terrible pictures but now it feels like it’s a good thing I did). While our living room space is awkwardly shaped with about 8 walls (but I love that weird shape, FYI), the bedrooms in this apartment are perfect. This room has large windows too which allows lots of natural light, but no direct sunlight, and that’s kind of a brilliant thing.

So the plan here is to make this into a dual-function space: a guest room for when people are over and a studio space for me to stock all the product I receive/do my shoots/random other things. We will also allow Nabeel to maintain his tiny home office in one corner, because semi-equal rights, lulz.

I’m majorly excited about having a bigger space to work with. My work has increased over time so this will give me efficiency like nothing else and also allow me to stock the received product in a way that we’re not falling over things randomly thrown around the house and cause physical damage to our souls.

Of course, when people are over, I shall have to go back to my old (meaning, current) way of working but I’m okay with that, since I’ll have the freedom of space for most of the year.

We painted all the walls white a few days ago and are now starting to work with this fresh new canvas. I really hope to share the reveal with you in about 2-3 weeks but I’m borderline commitment phobic and might be lying to you here (but it will happen eventually, fingers crossed).



  1. SO SO excited to see how will this turn out. I can look at your home decor pics ALL day. Love your aesthetics. 😀

  2. Shezeen I’ve been Loving your DIY APARTMENT series! You have a unique taste and it really grips the reader 🙂
    Lots of love <3

  3. Yay! Love a redo! I get bored of my space a lot and always want to redo it

  4. Waiting for the results.. Good Luck <3

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