Candid shot courtesy husband while working/listening to someone and Kashmiri shawl that I picked up from the Blue Souq in Sharjah that’s my current crush (I posted details for the shop here).

Recipe journal from Kinokuniya that I bought to help me cook more. No secret that cooking doesn’t come naturally to me and O’ forever lost in recipes and I’m hoping this one will let me save my favorite ones, so I don’t always have to be hanging over my laptop. (I couldn’t find it online but there was also another really nice one from Moleskine that you can see here)

Our guest room got painted a bright, white color earlier this week, which is why everything came out into the living room. It’s the very first thing I’ve done with the room and it looks so nice and new. Love white paint with an intense passion. Also, Nabeel and I both instantly said to each other, how his desk looks better out here than inside but we have no space for it so it’s back in the room now, sad wooohoo.

Some DIY-ing with Project Runway in the background. I’m on the new season, tell me your favorite designer if you’re watching? (Mine’s Kentaro).

The water and lights from our bedroom window at night.

Have a great weekend, guys. And if you have something interesting to share, why not tell me. Okay, byeeee.


  1. I am also currently struggling with my house makeover these days but it’s super fun. Looong way to go but still it feels great to set it up the way you want 😍
    And that night view from your window is so vibrant and energetic, loved Marina’s energy at night specially during the winters 🙂

  2. Hey Shehzeen, I’m looking for a recipe journal too. Can you please share the details of the one you have shared above. Like price, no of pages etc. plizzzz

  3. I see something full of life brewing for the guest room. Being an interior designer, i know what all can be done with a bright white wall. Can’t wait for the ribbon to get cut and you revealing the room. Oioohh, i just gave you an idea there. Hahaha.

  4. Great! Can’t wait to see what your guest room looks like. Do a DIY project too; makes for a great post and it will be a personal touch for your guests. Wow, you have an incredible view from your place. Makes me want to visit Dubai and you (note read the last two posts ; ) )

  5. Really interested in the yarn diy project happenin and the recipe journal is tooo coooll

  6. loved your lip color and shawl. I must say your choice of lip color is amazing. May I ask what lip shade is that?

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