The Giveaway Photoshoots: See The Pictures

The Giveaway Photoshoots: See The Pictures

If you’re ready to have your heart voluntarily explode into a gazillion pieces, welcome, you will not be disappointed.

A few months ago, some of you may remember, I ran a giveaway on the blog where I got together with some photographers and had their professional photoshoots up for winning. The winners could book sessions with those photographers to get some pro level shots done with a person of their choice. AND, also had the opportunity to gift the same to someone in their life who wasn’t as financially privileged but totally deserved getting some love captured on camera. I was verrrry excited about this particular part of the contest and was thrilled that I managed to team up with people who were ready to share their time and talent for something so sweet and heartwarming.

I finally have some images on me (terribly long story why they couldn’t be here sooner so let’s skip it) and I’m sharing two of those shoots here with you. I cannot explain the joy I felt when I saw these photographs. Beautiful, warm, heart-melting, soulful, HUMBLING.

I’m just going to go ahead and share the pictures with you, a tiny bit about the beautiful people behind them and some love for the guys who helped me make it happen.

Meet the beautiful Asghari Khala and her two very handsome sons, Arif and Mubarik. Asghari Khala (as she is lovingly called, I’m not being a creep) was gifted this shoot by Zainab, who won the giveaway from Lahore. Zainab was paired with Palwasha from Palwasha Minhas Photography and also got her own photos done with her sister (which I also got a peek at and they’re real nice). Asghari Khala has been employed in Zainab’s home since the better part of a decade (!) and someone that they now call a part of their extended family. Palwasha shot such stunning images of her with her two sons and their beautiful, beautiful smiles; one of which you can witness above and have your heart detonate right about now, as committed earlier. Seriously, their faces are making my day.

Next, I’d like us to meet Bilal Bhai and his three adorable sons, Usman, Adnan and Faizan. Bilal Bhai was gifted this shoot by Faria who won the giveaway from Karachi and got her photos done for these guys as well as her (very cute) family with Locura Photography by Faizaan Ahmad. Bilal Bhai is her family’s driver and has been part of their household for about ten years as well! Faizaan took the sweetest shots of all of them and I’m having trouble believing there’s a cuter brother threesome this side of the planet; the smiles and spirit are ridiculously adorable.

Faizaan was nice enough to take solo shots of the kids as well, I LOVE THEM. Smiles = killer.

You know, I have to give it to these guys for going way beyond what most brands/photographers would do for such a giveaway. When I had pitched the concept to them back then, they agreed instantly. Not many people would invest double their time and talent for a single win. They did it with heart and generosity and you can see that the results are just as brilliant, if not more, as one of their regular paid shoots. Thank you so much Palwasha and Faizaan for making this happen.

I’d love it if you gave these guys a follow on their social accounts, it would be awesome of you. Follow Palwasha on Facebook here and on Instagram here. And Faizaan on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

I’d also disturbing-amounts-of LOVE it if you shared this post with your friends or on your social profiles, it would be so amazing to get as much recognition for their work as possible. Thank you to everyone who already did/will/is thinking about it; imagine you and me and a giant tub of cookies (or any other processed food item of your choice), the end.


  1. Uff yaaar.. ❤❤❤ all i can say!!

  2. This is so beyond sweet! I was tearing up, esp when I saw the kids’ pictures.
    I love that they have the most genuine of smiles. No fake poses. All these pictures exude pure JOY! May Allah give these families and the photographers lots of happiness forever.

    And God bless you shehzeen, for always going the extra mile

    1. Author

      I know! They made me kinda tear up too. And totally with you on the natural expressions, they’re so, so real. <3 <3

  3. Beautiful 🙂 MASHALLAH . The smile on there faces are so genuine :’)

  4. This is just beyond. Wait till I get home and show her this! Thank you man. Lit up my day. I remember when I had to call her out in front of Palwasha and Rizwan and she sent the boys saying just get theirs done, I’m too shy to do it. Required all my coaxing skills. Hahaha. These turned out absolutely fantastic!❤

    P.S: My photoshoot was with my baby sister, who is yes, also my friend, but will make me tell you anyway so I’m just preempting it. 😂

    1. Author

      Haha totally edited that to save you any more trouble, so sorry about that 😀
      And you know, now that you say it, can totally see the slight shyness on her face but she has the MOST beautiful smile, I’m so glad you pushed her to get it done. Love it and thank you so much for gifting it to her <3

  5. This is absolutely heart warming. Such pure smiles <3 Prayers and blessings to the whole team behind it.

  6. This is completely are truly touching lives improving life

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