Tan kohlapuris that Sidra got for me from her Pakistan trip. I was literally crippled without one, I always, always need a nude/camel colored pair. I’d broken my favorite ones while running around one day like a psycho (not sure why though), now going to break in this pair and make it all worn out and mine. These days, I’m in a very happy place, feeling obnoxious levels of grateful for everything and just very excited about life. Sending you good vibes and also taking all of yours.

Independence week is still happening here at the office/apartment. Knowing how slow I am, these jhandis might still be up in September, stay tuned.

Hi, gorgeous pens from Daiso. Can never say no to anything exotic-bird like so these had to come with me. Not going to throw them away ever, casual FYI.

Green smoothie-ing for lunch at my desk. Feel quite pretentious doing such hipster stuff but I appreciate how they up my veggie intake and I actually kind of like them (as much as you can like a green smoothie, I mean it’s no chocolate milkshake).

Celebrated something very important to me with meethi puri at Billo’s (I’ve never really found the meethi puri there amazing, it’s just alright, but that day it was so yum, thanks Allah mian). Can’t tell you what the thing was but going to be all lame and share this snippet anyway (don’t you hate it when people share cryptic stuff with no intention to tell you *tongue out smiley*).

Have a great weekend, guys. Tell me about yours?


  1. Lovin what the meethi puri is lookin like…
    The kolhapuris and pens are super cool

  2. pens are cool and that meethi puri is tempting …. yum yumm
    though never really understand why people say’ hey i will not share so and so reason with you ‘ when no one really asked what it was … errrrrr do you go to a salesman and pick a random box of juice to tell him you wont buy it? . lol

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