Never leaving the couch this weekend. Had a partially chaotic last week so my current grand plans include lying horizontally at various locations around the apartment, napping, ignoring social contact and staring into space with much passion. Hope to get some slow chores done around the house, catch up on some reading and generally not leave the premises of our residence, thank you. The carousel picture is from our epic trip a few days ago to IMG  Worlds Of Adventure which is the best theme park in the UAE, in my very humble opinion.

Two new goodies from Sephora that I seriously can’t wait to use. The Smashbox lipstick is in the color, Stepping Out, which looks like a deep earthy color and the Heavy Metal glitter liner from Urban Decay in Midnight Cowboy, which is a gold shade. Fingers crossed both look good on me.

Lego memory game that I made at home for the kids to play with us (it was lots of fun). I posted this on Snapchat and a lot of people asked me for the DIY but I really cant share that in an independent blog post because the images weren’t for commercial use and my blog is monetized. I used them in a personal capacity so I’ll just share the topline steps for any memory game you’d like to create on your own:  1) Find whatever images/theme you want to work with on Google, that are allowed for personal use, 2) Line them up in pairs on any editing software on an A4 size page, 3) Print them out and 4) Cut all the cards out and play.

Cute gift Nabeel brought for me from Tchibo a few days ago. I don’t allow anyone to clean the mesh basket on our Airfyer because I’m paranoid that they won’t clean it right and then ruin the mesh; it’s an expensive machine so I want to keep it in good shape for as long as I can, therefore, paranoia. I didn’t have the proper brush for cleaning it and have been scrubbing at it with the wrong stuff. One day Nabeel saw me struggling with it and asked what’s going on? I randomly said I need to get a proper brush for it which will speed up its cleaning. A few days later, he comes home and says, look what I got for you. There it was, this sweet, scrubbing brush, for simplifying my airfryer cleaning challenges. Things like these just remind me again and again how important it is to not wait around for ‘grand’ surprises and just recognize the small gestures our loved ones do for us on an everyday basis to make things better. Will take this 10 dirham (quite cute) brush over an expensive piece of jewelery any day, peace out.

Cute cards at Virgin. Love the ‘Mom’s ATM’ and ‘Bank Of Dad’ ones. Wish we all still gave cards to each other all the time, no?

Have a great weekend, guys.


  1. Which airfryer do you use? Been toying with buying one for ages

  2. The brush gesture is tooo good. U r one lucky girl. Loving ure sephora goodies

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