Timeout: DIY Chunky Arm Knit Blanket. And More.

Timeout: DIY Chunky Arm Knit Blanket. And More.

#1. I’m definitely, totally making this arm knit blanket one day in my life. CONFIRMED. No tools or knitting expertise required, just time and some passion.  (If you know where to find this wool, let me know, I haven’t tried looking yet and want to free ride if anyone has this piece of knowledge on them. I’m thinking Creative Minds in Dubai has them?).

#2. Have never loved a DIY project more. I NEED to make these DIY trophies or someone has to make them for me and I’ll keep them forever. I don’t care about the Halloween bit, I want them for general life, please someone help.

#3. I wish I loved greens more but this platter is so pretty, I’d totally attack it, if someone made it for me.

#4. Awesome, awesome video on how we treat mental health. SO funny and so true. Must watch (and must self-educate type).

#5. Interesting, introductory read on how Amazon is causing the retail meltdown even though consumer spending has not decreased. This article is simple and very topline but if you enjoyed it, google detailed pieces on the rise of Amazon, it’s fascinating how the shopping infrastructure has changed over the years.

Have a great week, boys.


  1. Absolutely in love with the throwsss.. they are beautiesss.. and the mental health video was hilariousss.. thanks for sharin dww

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