Timeout: The Benefits Of Face Yoga. And More.

Timeout: The Benefits Of Face Yoga. And More.

Benefits of face yoga

#1. Sounds a little excessive but we’re all crazy so why not. Face yoga and its benefits for your skin.

DIY cross stitch art

#2. Love this cross-stitch DIY so much.

wifi router cover

#3. This WiFi router box on Ali Express is super cute.

beauty secrets from an 80s supermodel

#4. Beauty secrets from an 80s supermodel. Love her skin, hair color and attitude. Sidenote: If this had been a desi female in that age bracket, the comments on the video would have been to the tune of ‘over’, ‘chichori’. Anyone can be any way at any age, let’s try not to be asses and box people, thanks so much.

barcelona superblocks

#5. Barcelona’s mobility plan (from last year, but I discovered now) to cut down traffic, excessive pollution and noise levels and create superblocks of community and leisure for its residents. Don’t think it’s doable for every city (weather/security conditions) but I’ve been to Barcelona and it’s a super walkable city so this sounds just fantastic.

Have a great Monday, guys.

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  1. Wish i had the real will to do face yoga but this was good.. also liked the wifi router hehe cute

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