Minimal Summer Nail Art

Minimal Summer Nail Art


Easy, breezy minimal nail art in the house today. My love for negative space nails knows no bounds and I want to try about a zillion combinations but I’m lazy so it happens once in a while (FYI, I was shocked to discover that this minimal nail art of mine was pinned 6000+ times on Pinterest! what, what?!).

Anyhoo, no small talk, lets discuss the ridiculously easy step by step for this summer loving for your hands.

#1. I have no fancy nail art tools, I don’t care enough to buy any yet. Maybe I will. If you have nail tape, you’re gold. But if you don’t, all I did was tape broad strips of your regular scotch tape across my nails. The width of this strip is upto you. Press the tape down well so the nailcolor doesn’t leak through. Tip: I stuck the tape on a post-it first and then cut the size of the strip I wanted (this makes it easy to snip how much tape you want) and then pulled the tape off the post-it and onto my nails. Don’t leave the tape on the paper too long because then it doesn’t come off (tried and tested).

#2. Paint whatever color you want on whatever part of each nail. You could do just a combination of two colors. Or you could do a different one on each. Your life, your nails, you decide. I did 9 colors (one color is repeated on my thumb and middle finger) and did two coats.

#3. Wait until the color dries. Carefully pull off the tape. With a q-tip (or with your fingers if you’re a savage like myself) clean any mistakes.

#4. Do a top coat. Let it dry. Appreciate your contributions to your own life. That’s all.

Here are all the colors I used.




  1. Hi shehzeen! Your today’s blog is just WOW. (Whistles*)
    It made me curious enough to read your blog about nail art. It’s so easy-to-to for a person like me who can’t even take nail-colors to put it on my nails (so worst at nail painting).
    You’re doing great job.👏👏👏

  2. Though I am not a nail art person but this looks cute. I really like this minimal touch of nail color.

  3. Not a nail art person but this is too cute. Also love that your nail art doesnt feature crazy long talons or acrylics !

  4. Love the creativityyy.. soo cool

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