Have a busy, busy weekend with stuff lined up that we’ll be doing with Nabeel’s family – getting ready to head out as we speak/type/read. A few days ago, finished Karan Johar’s A Unsuitable Boy (which I’ll share my thoughts on soon) and that entire tub of my favorite mango sorbet very successfully.

My desk chair is currently in my bedroom, where I’m working from since family’s visiting, Nabeel’s chair is at my desk because he can’t use his in the guest room (office desk politics, lololol). He’s actually been after me to switch to his chair since he feels its more ergonomics-friendly so I’ve been staring at it this week to see if I like it. I love my orange chair too much so the jury’s still out on whether I’ll take over this one or not.

What lunch looked like a few days ago. Sometimes you have to prioritise cheese popcorn over other options and it works out great.

Multiple rounds of Jenga with Nabeel’s niece and nephew all of yesterday. This is not the authentic Jenga btw, it was one of our Eid gifts and is called ‘building tower’ or something. (Optical illusion in the fifth block from the top, it looks curved no?)

Always so fun to start trying out a new product. Broke into this overnight treatment earlier this week along with a couple other products from Eminence. Let’s see how it goes (already love one of them but holding feedback until a couple more weeks of usage).

Have a great weekend, guys. Don’t forget to tell me about yours.


  1. Hey…I have to go to Islamabad for a wedding tomorrow so was winding up some leftover chires at home….Excited for the wedding…Also,made some OREO TRUFFLES and LOVED them…Take care

  2. Eminence products are lookin nice and popcorns can easily become a priority any day ahhaa

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