Ramzan/Eid Tablescape

Ramzan/Eid Tablescape

You guys. I do love the posts I create, because after all I wouldn’t be putting something out there for everyone’s consumption if I didn’t have a liking for it. BUT. This tablescape that I’m doing for this year’s iftar/Eid scene is hands down one of my most favorite posts ever.

It’s that kind of love that even if everyone hated it, I’d be like, no problem, I can love it enough for all of us. (Moderate psycho vibes, but no big deal).

Presenting, my boho-summer table setting for your iftaris (I’m doing it this weekend, woohoo) or Eid. It’s an explosion of color, fresh, lively, kind of crazy, full of happiness and joy and if you love it, no jokes, it will love you back.

Last year when I did a table setting for Ramzan and Eid, I knew there and then how I wanted to do it for this year. I’m unapologetic about color and there can never be enough of it in my life and so I wanted to put it all over my food too. I could not believe that I had to wait 12 months to do it (because everything on the blog is pretty much a product of what’s happening in my real life and I’m not doing these on regular days, so, things had to buffer).

Do you love it? Please help, I’m desperate for your love.

The best part about this was that when Tang entered into the scene, I already had this all planned out and this had to be the most organic plug ever. There’s nothing that could have fit better into all this action than Tang.

I decided to do different color drinks for each person, which I feel doesn’t just make everything look better, but is also pretty fun considering you don’t know which drink you’re going to get (you can always keep extra in the back if someone gets volatile and wants to reject a certain flavor).

I mean, see how glorious they all look. I chose Tang Orange, Mango, Pineapple, Tropical (twice) and Lemon & Mint. You could use Mosambi too but that flavor’s not available here in the UAE.

Most of the things are pretty much from around my place and I’ll give some basic tips in a bit on how you can replicate if you want. But it’s simple, it’s easy, it’s high impact and it’s my favorite forever.

Theme: Boho-Summer whatever you want to call it

Basic Elements: I used five key elements – Flowers, Crystal, Gold, Candles and Color (from the Tang drinks)

Things I purchased new: Flowers, Tablecloth, Pallet Coasters, Bird, Crochet doily (?). Everything from Daiso. I spent about AED 50 on these supplies.

Everything else like the rest of the flowers, leaves, crystal, candles, gold candle holders, tissues, cutlery, plates, etc. I already had on me.

How you can put this together

  1. Start with your table cloth. I used gingham. It would work perfectly with a plain white one too. Or mild stripes.
  2. Center your objects. I used the lace doily to have a starting point.
  3. Started from the center of the doily and placed my first floral/leaf piece.
  4. And then randomly added 3-4 more vases to the left and right of it.

5. Added candles in the gaps between the vases to add depth.

6. Organized plates around it. I have six people, but if you have more, no worries, just stack them to the side on another table (I usually keep a folding picnic table where I keep extras). It’s all casual, doesn’t matter to me if not everyone can fit on the table.

7. Added tissues wrapped with twine and snipped flowers.

8. Added golden cutlery.

9. Then colored drinks from Tang.

10. For added whimsy, I inserted this bird I randomly saw at Daiso in the center of the table. I wanted this for my guest room actually so it was two birds (omg, pun?), one stone. DONE.


  1. Use existing tablecloths. Don’t use one if you have a sexy table.
  2. If you don’t have a lace doily, use anything as a base. A small cutting board. A wooden tray. Just look around and see what you have at home already.
  3. No need to buy crystal vases if you don’t have many. I used some that I already had and some are glasses that I drink water out of. Reimagine what you have, look for glass bottles around the house. The ones in the picture above are both drinking glasses.

4. I bought flowers for my guest room sometime back so I already had some on me. The rest I bought for about 20 bucks at Daiso. I want to use them as props from time to time and real flowers die and I don’t like killing flowers so I choose faux ones. Feel free to buy real ones if you want to do this, just pick a color palette and buy random types  (FYI, my color palette was orange, pink and red with hints of blue).

5. Organize flowers in the vases randomly. Don’t overthink it. Just try and do one big flower, some tiny ones, and scattering of leaves, twigs, etc in each vase (but again this is no rule, do whatever looks good).

6. I didn’t have any candle holders and less space so I used one big candle from Rituals (bonus, it was in gold from their new limited edition Ramzan collection). The other two are tealight candles that you can put in anything. I already had these golden things which I was using for coins (can someone help with what they’re called? They’re from Carrefour, in the section where they have Indian or maybe Hindu stuff together, I’m not sure). Anyhoo, put your candles in whatever you want. Just look around your house.

7. Play with drinks. For real, if Tang hadn’t partnered with me, I wouldn’t have thought of having alternating drinks and I think they bring such fab color and fun to the table. Make extra for the side if you want to give people an option but let them experiment with flavors if they’re up for it.

That’s it, guys. Do you like it? Would you do it? (If you want a simple video showing how it came together, like I did last year, let me know I’ll prep it over the next couple of days). Here’s last year’s tablescape, if you want to see (but please love this one more)

The post is in collaboration with Tang Pakistan but any and all opinions are mine, mine, mine.


  1. UN-freaking-believable. YOU’RE MAD TALENTED.

  2. Wow yaar aap cha gayi ho. It is SO beautiful. Shehzeen you are gifted by God. I pray for you to be happy and talented always Insha’Allah.


  4. Oh my God that’s effing pretty – this was the first thought that came to my mind 😀

    Brilliant stuffff loved it. Can’t wait to do some table decor at my place but this theme is amazingggg than the last year’s (though i loved that one too)

    1. Author

      Thanksss man. That’s how I feel too! I love last year’s but I love this a little bit (okay, a lot) more 😀

  5. One word LOVE IT! The color splash over your table is so eye catchy and lively 😍
    The only thing is that the setup is good for 5-6 ppl, I usually throw iftar parties for around 12+ ppl at a time hence I am unable to do such an amazing setup even if I really want to coz I am totally not up for cleaning so much afterwards 🙈

    1. Author

      You only have plates and chamach to clean! I stack all the extra plates if there are more people on the side and we all hang together casually, not everyone needs to be sitting at the table itself (bachpan main kabhi seat nahi milee table pe so have no boundaries lol)

  6. I am coming to your place for this gorgeous aftar/eid tablescape.Okay?
    Tang and food is going to be my perks😁

  7. this looks absofrikkinglutely amazing but I have a question. where are you going to keep the food???? i always have this issue, there’s always so much food stuff on the table that decorations kind of take a back seat

    1. Author

      I have such limited space all over my apartment so I have a folding picnic table that I keep for any and all kinds of extras. I put all the food there. See here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BHKKsOoABS1/ I cover it with a plastic tablecloth that’s easily wipeable. I also pull a couple of side tables from my bedroom/lounge and keep them around the room for drinks, extra glasses, cutlery. <3

  8. Absolutely love it! Rozay mein tou dil kar raha hai ke apki table se saray tang glasses utha k pi jaun! Love tang <3

    1. Author

      HAHA. I literally got so thirsty after looking at these pictures the last couple of hours – I feel you.

  9. this Looks amazinnggg!!

  10. Oh and btw, this can be easily replicated for a buffet table setup for parties where guests are more like 10, 20+. You just minus the dinner plates and maybe put your food dishes around the decor. Or places the serving dishes randomly and add tiny elements of decor here and there. Uff getting so many ideas, dimagh mein pinterest khul gaya hai.

    1. Author

      YES YES TOTALLY. If I had a ton of people, I’d only use the table for food and people can do whatever they want to do with themselves 😀 High-five, bro.

  11. beautiful; and so doable! also inspiring me to start decorating dinner tables from now on. I just got into pretty table cloths so this works out.

  12. Oh my God! This is unbelievably pretty! I liked last year’s table but it was a little too-green for me. This year’s is summery and festive and just WOW! 😀

  13. This is absolutely stunning – the colors come together so beautifully. It’s such a mood-lifter. You’ve an eye for detail and a talent for putting these awesome decors!

  14. Some serious inspiring ideas there. And since I recently started following you on insta and hence the blog too I’ll look up the last year setup as well. I too, will have the space issue but u already answered that query. Will share a picture IF I’m able to put up something half as amazing as this. Way to go girl!

  15. This is so incredibly beautiful! Love everythinggg you’ve done here!

  16. So pretty and colorful! How nice!! Love it – you’re so creative. Makes me want to host my own iftar/eid meal and go all out like this haah!

  17. Hey it’s such a chic table arrangement… and I just can’t get over the fact that how easy is it to recreate!!!I might do something this like in any point of my life😜 Keep rocking😍😘

  18. Mission accomplised
    It looked as refreshing to eyes as we sip tang to refresh out selves
    Plz tell me one thing where i can get auch beautiful gold cultery, they have so much options in silver here in khi but i want something exactly like you uses in your post…
    Please help doll 🙂

  19. Shehzeen ………. what are you Girl …???
    MashAllah it was too good. love your blog and this post is freakingly awesome.it gave me many ideas regarding eid day i will email you my eid table picture inshAllah . you are a gift MashAllah thankyou so much for helping 😀
    love you always.
    lots of love from lahore 🙂

  20. Love love love it! I mean the colors the bird the everything so perfectly beautiful and soothing to the eye! Mugay b kerna hai aisa buhat delicious 😍😍

  21. So so beautiful, whimsical and yet grounded ! absolutely love it and ofcourse Tang has my heart ! Loved the comments also with great ideas building on top 🙂 That birdy is too cute lols and wow Daiso really has upped its game.
    You are amazing mashallah and so talented !

  22. It’s so so so beautiful. I love it and an definitely doing it in my dawat 😍😍

  23. Okay so this cudnt have turned out better than this.. its mind blowingly amazing masha Allah

  24. This looks so pretty & lively. Something that will lit the mood up.

    It’s always fun reading your blog. ❤

  25. I love this! So, so beautiful and vibrant! Love the colours, the flowers, the candles, everything! Can’t wait to do this for a daawat soon!

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