Current magnet situation at home. I’m unfortunately very obnoxious when it comes to magnets and don’t allow all kinds to go up on our fridge (#refrigeratorpolitics). Though these animals from our Australia trip immediately made a place in my heart and have been living up there since. I never thought I’d add more to that, but then Nabeel got the California magnet from his last work trip and I was like ‘okay, we can do this’ and then just this week I found these adorable airplant magnets at Daiso and immediately purchased. Rapidly evolving life preferences in my thirties, ladies and gentlemen. Have an iftari at our place today, which we prepped for last night so going to chill since it’s the weekend, do a little face masking, try attempting a couple of long pending chores around the house and pounce on the food at 19:13 hours sharp. / The fridge DIY is here for everyone who’s been asking lately.

Loving this tiny cactus we got as our anniversary present.

Some casual baking at home this week.

Love my namaz spot at home. Next to the window, feels so fresh during the day and super calming and peaceful at night.

Got this box of mangoes this week from a new startup, O My Mango, that gets Pakistani mangoes right to your doorstep in the UAE. The mangoes were really great quality, guys, all perfectly ripe and packaged super nice and clean. They’re definitely pricier than ones you’d get at the fruit market, Carrefour, etc. but what I liked about their practice was that you can order them online (great gifting option for Eid if you want to send to a friend in the UAE, no matter where you are in the world), they grow them naturally, hazard free, made ripe with ethylene (carbide-free which is harmful) and get to the consumer in 72 hours versus the regular mango that takes about 150 hours. Pretty impressive. You can order here if you want, they have all the different kinds. Here‘s their Facebook page too, if you’re interested.

Have a great weekend, guys.


  1. I love praying near window too… makes me feel more thankful to Allah for all his blessings whenever I see through it during the breaks… 🙂
    All the best for the iftar party… I have mine scheduled tomorrow as well 😀

  2. I want so many more details on iftar party and baking situation ! Love the mango situation happening and wow @refrigerator policy evolution 😀

  3. Love the magnets. I remember the frige SIT tutorial. For a long time now I dont miss any of your posts😊

  4. Lvng the namaz spot and the mangoesss

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