This weekend is our wedding anniversary and I’m feeling sappy vibes. Grand celebration plans include repeated ‘happy anniversary’ wishing all throughout the day and some chilled out conversation around our life together so far (reminiscing is the best?). I hope we can get one picture in together but it’s Ramzan and at least one of us in some form of coma at any given point of the day so let’s see what happens. That’s a tiny anniversary note Nabeel left inside my laptop a few days ago that totally made my day. We’ve been verbally wishing each other all week (very lame, but that’s how it is) but secret notes make everything extra nice.

Pretty much all that’s been happening at home this week: PC games and cricket. (He doesn’t know I carefully stalked his activities and took this picture, thanks).

I got the sweetest surprise from Hiba two days ago (you guys already know her, of course, Drama Mama). I discovered her book just a few days ago and had asked her how to get my hands on one. I had no idea she had already sent a copy my way before I’d asked and so when I ripped through the package, I was like ‘hainnnnnnn?’. So proud of anyone who puts their heart into doing something incredible like this. I’m going to read it this weekend with some chai. You can get it here.

Say hi to my new puppets for my guest room. I woke up one day and just wanted puppets. If I’d had this psychotic episode a couple of months ago, I could have bought a better pair from Global Village but chalo koi nae. The red is a little dull for me, wish I’d gotten the green or pink. But anyhoo, you can get them from here, if ya wantz.

I’ll be going Live on Facebook and Instagram both sometime today with a special message, please come join me when you get the alert!

Have a great weekend, you guys.


  1. What beautiful penmanship by N. Wah 🙂
    It’s always nice to see that some men have good handwriting also

    Happy anniversary to both of you. Looking forward to the live session

  2. That’s such a sweet gesture… I always find small notes cute! Happy anniversary guys, stay blessed 🙂

  3. Loving the anniversary plans and you rocked fb and insta live it was soooo gooood

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