Hey guys 🙂 Finally coming back to regular posting after my first legit sick leave on the blog (in four years! I think it’s justified, no?). So I thought Fridays would be a sweet way to slip back in, I’ll just tell you guys briefly why I went missing and just a quick catch-up with what’s been happening with you. Cool?

So absolutely nothing serious is going on with me. I’ve just been dealing with a nagging health thing the past couple of years and it comes and goes and I just don’t deal with properly. Three weeks ago I woke up one morning and suddenly crashed – I knew I had it coming, I’d just been ignoring it (entirely my fault). Anyhoo, I felt pretty terrible that day and kind of mentally off so I unexpectedly (even to myself) disappeared. I just didn’t have the energy and I wanted to go offline from everywhere.

I know some of you have been asking people who know me about what’s happening with me – there isn’t a single person in this world, except for Nabeel, who knows what’s really going on with me so I’m sorry if someone’s given you strange answers, it’s just that nobody knows. Again, not because it’s something serious, but just because I’m a loner at heart and don’t like sharing some stuff (which might seem strange because of the kind of blog I have but we can save that complicated explanation for another day).

I’m still recovering and trying to figure some stuff out – I don’t fully know how to fix it completely. But fully committed to it this time – I’m ALL good right now, but I want to fix it permanently so I’m not going to stop until I feel fabulous. If anyone’s had a nagging health issue, they’ll know it’s never anything serious but it gets to you after some time and you kind of lose your mind one day. That’s what’s happening to me, heh.

Some of you have possibly gone to sleep by now after this very glamorous account of my well-being so I’ll stop. I’ve gotten SO many messages from you guys, I honestly only started checking them today, I haven’t gone into my various inboxes in days. The few I’ve read are so heartwarming; I know people say the internet is a crazy place but it’s kind of magical too (my inbox is bursting with love). Thank you so much for the concern and love and genuine affection. I’m going to be honest, I don’t think I can get back to all of you. There are 1500+ messages and I’m just going to get started on getting back into work so I don’t think I can respond individually 🙁 Please accept my gratefulness here (and maybe some sporadic bouts of emotion as I get through the notes over the next few days that you guys have left).

Side note: I’ve read some messages which are telling me some of you think I had a miscarriage because you’re saying things like ‘don’t lose hope’ or ‘you can try again’. I’m not sure where that’s coming from because the only thing I’m trying for right now is to fix the shower head in my bathroom, lulz. But guys, seriously that’s like calling a flu, pneumonia. It’s unfair to people who actually go through stuff like that, It’s super kind of you but I really don’t want condolences for something I’m not dealing with.

Thanks for being around. Let me know what’s been happening with you 🙂 I’ll share some glimpses from the past few days. Have a great weekend.

I caught up with so many shows during all this time on my couch. Felt extra sorry for myself one day so ordered in some Papa Murphy’s (I’ve really cut back on takeout so it felt like a treat) with an episode of This Is Us.

Making daal with Nabeel at home.

Put together a small Ramzan care package for a couple of friends. I actually did this before I got sick but got around to sending it out only now. Am pretty excited about Ramzan by the way, can’t wait to get started.

The day I got sick, I got these cupcakes from Dubizzle. They were pretty yum and I’m a fan of Dubizzle so I dragged my feet (no joke) and photographed them. I must have been high on painkillers or something because I really don’t know what I was thinking setting them up like this and this guy’s fishing? Lulz. (I might have been going for ‘fishing for car insurance’ because that’s what the cupcake says. #SoBad If anyone’s interested, Dubizzle and Souqlamal have partnered to launch car insurance for second-hand cars, so if you’re looking, go check them out).

That’s it. See you next week 🙂



  1. So glad to see you. Lots of love and blessings ❤
    You know we’ve missed you loads 🌸

  2. WELCOME BACKKKKK AND OH MY GOD I WAS SO WORRIED FAM PLEASE DONT SCARE MOMMY LIKE THAT – but glad you are feeling much better and that your health continues to improve

  3. You better take care of yourself now specially for husband and your fans like us. You are a breathe of fresh air in this polluted environment so please dont vanish now like this ! Lots of love to you 💖

  4. I missed you!! My sister and I have been addicted to your blog.

  5. Please take care, may Allah give u sehat, im so used to seeing u on snapchat and insta that I felt literally empty during ur absence.

  6. Welcome back! Hope your little health thing is all better now and you’re back to make us laugh again!

  7. Hope you feel better soon…inshAllah…love reading your posts 🙂

  8. You were unbelievably missed ! So glad you are feeling better and hoping that its nothing too scary !

  9. Welcome back, DWW! Hope you recover swiftly and live life to its fullest. I’ve had the roughest two weeks myself and missed your posts so much. You’re no less than awesome and may Allah protect you forever from all evil.

    Stay healthy and happy. Love <3

  10. I’m so glad you’re back. I was missing you SO much! Won’t be nosey and ask too many questions but I was very worried about you and I hope you feel better soon.

    On another note, I LOVE “This is us”. Totally addicted even though it’s kinda sad…esp since I am in love with milo 😍😍

  11. Welcome Back! Glad to know u r doing better and more then that u r working towards improving the health issue.May Allah SWT bless u with complete health Ameen.Missed u & ur snaps everyday and kept wondering something’s not right but Alhamdulillah all good.Kept Telling everyone dunno why but nothing from u 😏.It was like missing my morning tea from breakfast no snap all day🤔.Hope u get bk in routine soon & Lots of Love😘

  12. hey….Missed you soo much specially on snapchat…Get well soon shehzeen api <3 stay blessed..

  13. So glad that you’re back on your blog. Missed your baatein. Got really worried for you and so relieved to know that you’re doing okay. Take care and take your time. Be healthy soon. May Allah be with you 🙂

  14. Welcome back Shehzeen! So missed your posts the last to weeks. I am glad everything is ok now. This kind of stuff happens to me too. Out of the blue, I feel down and low in energy. Western medicine will be quick to label is something, but I call it the natural ebb and flow of life. Maybe you were missing your dad, maybe something genuinely happened to you health wise. All I am saying is I am glad you are back 🙂

  15. Heyyy welcome backkk…uffff you have no idea how much ive missed you. May Allah give you sehat tandrusti..sending you loads and loads of love and hugs

  16. So sooo soo glad u r back its like a void is filled

  17. Shehhhhhh-zeeeeeen i missed you soo sooo much !!! Its great to see you back !! 💜💜

  18. It’s okay to just unplug from the world and take a breather!!! We all need that and I’m glad you are back!!

  19. Heyyy its good to take a break..bcz uve been working all day for ur blog n us since the last 4 this was a much needed ME time for u….but i missed u a lot n so excited to see u again. Lots of love n prayers for yr health n future ❣❣❣

  20. Hey good to see you back….missed ur posts…. may ALlah tala bless u with health and happiness ameen…

  21. So good to have you back, may you get well real soon. I was literally thinking about you and was praying silently whenever a thought about you came into my mind until you posted on Instagram.
    Internet is indeed a crazily magical place!
    Keep rocking it girl… 🙂

  22. So good to have u back. May ALLAH give u shiffa Ameen 💕
    Addicted to ur blog!! And i was like daily go through ur profile that i might miss any blog so i can read it. 😋
    Missed u. But Alhamdulillah now u’re back. Xoxo❤️

  23. Im glad you are back. Laal Dil + Peela balloon for you 😚

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