New Family Member: The Best Home Speaker

New Family Member: The Best Home Speaker

This is the story of a new family member/a sort-of surprise gift/what you call the best home speaker ever.

A couple of weekends ago, Nabeel asked to go to an electronics store just to ‘check out stuff’. That’s his version of going to a candy store and I understand how magical it is to look at candy so I always happily oblige (sidenote: he also likes showing me random gadgets in-store which mean nothing to me and I just say ‘wow, ‘oooh’, ‘really’ as audience response (I’ve exposed myself now).

ANYWAY. So we were at the electronics store that weekend and slowly drifted to the speakers section, right where they had Marshall on display. Let’s do a little flashback like in the movies.

Flashback: Marshall’s a brand I had absolutely no clue about till a year ago and only discovered it in our room in Australia at the Palisade Hotel (you can clearly see my very deep emotions for the speaker in that post) and both Nabeel and I fell for it instantly. We quickly looked it up but at about $250 it just felt like too big a splurge for us and so we tried to forget about it.

Once back in Dubai, every few weeks, we’d randomly check it out here and there – sometimes online, sometimes in stores, but we’d keep rethinking if we really wanted it. I don’t like pulling out large amounts of cash for things that aren’t *travel* so each time Nabeel would say, ‘That’s it, we’re getting it’, I’d just say, ‘Let’s wait a bit’. I say that to a lot of my shopping decisions (it has no logic, I don’t know why I say it) so it wasn’t unusual and so we’d wait.

A couple of nights before our aforementioned electronics store trip, Nabeel set up an old, phateechar speaker of his in our bedroom (the cable for which he searched for about two hours #lifepriorities). I love having music in the room before going to sleep, especially on weekends, and am always dragging my laptop in, so I think he wanted to enhance the experience for me. And predictable as I could have been, that dying speaker got me terribly excited because I could play music straight from my phone and the sound was so much better than a laptop (but not killer). It had its flaws but at that time life was made.

Fast forward a couple of days and we’re standing in front of the Marshall display at the store and Nabeel is asking the sales guy for specs on the different models they have. Five minutes later, he’s holding one of the models and I hear him say, ‘Surprise. We’re buying this. It’s happening’. And suddenly angels playing violins descend from the heavens, this moment of clarity hits me, and I hear myself say, ‘YAS. It’s time.’

Before you think I’m nuts for being psychotic about just a bluetooth speaker (I’m generally psychotic so don’t judge me exclusively for the speaker, you know): Nabeel and I are big music enthusiasts. We have a LONG list of favorite bands. We listen to music all the time. We have an in-house (lame?) concert every week at our place where we dim the lights, put on some music and just chill. It’s a big, big part of our lives and a legit downtime activity for us.

THEREFORE, after one year of wanting him, we brought our badass new friend home. And it’s been INCREDIBLE sharing our space with him. Literal dream come true.

I’m quickly going to share with you guys the non-technical things I love about it (technical specs are below, if you want)

  • The sound quality, which is what made us fall in love with it instantaneously the first time we tried it out, is incomparable. It’s so, SO good. Just go to any store which carries it (we went to Sharaf DG) and try out your favorite song on it. You’ll understand.
  • The vintage, retro look with all the knobs and sexy exterior (bonus: a gorgeous velvet strap because it’s portable).
  • Simple, straightforward, just a few awesome controls. I’m not someone who enjoys things that can perform 1000 functions from playing music to birthing a baby. I want easy, this is easy.
  • It’s portable so we can take it with us on outdoor plans (or to someone’s place).
  • It reminds us of our trip to Australia (which was amazing) .
  • And it feels like we earned it because we waited patiently to have it.

Here are some other details and specs on the model we have if you’re interested:

Model: Marshall Kilburn Black – Portable Bluetooth Speaker (the non-portable one is cheaper)

Price: AED 1299/-

Features: Bluetooth compatible (connect to smartphone/tablet/computer), 3.5 mm Audio Jack Input, Built-in battery (20 hours), Analogue knobs to fine-tune (bass, treble, volume)

The following are technical specifications right from their website, for those who’d like more details.

Where can you buy it?

We got ours from Sharaf DG in Times Square Center. But you can also consider the following options online: Sharaf DGVirgin Megastore and Souq (100 aed less). Remember, non-portable versions are less expensive and it also comes in a brown and cream color in different models (like on Souq here).

Tip: If you purchase on an Emirates NBD credit card, you can often split up your purchase into installments so you end up paying a small amount every month instead of getting one big dent in your account.

If you’re looking to get a home speaker for yourself, I’m absolutely certain you can find a less expensive alternative which may sound just as good. So this isn’t the only thing that’ll connect to your soul. We just had our hearts set on it and it does play like an absolute dream so we couldn’t look elsewhere.

Until next time.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

+ My choker is from Romwe, you can get it here. It’s actually from a set of five chokers, all of varying widths and is currently on sale. (The product says suede leather, but it’s just suede).


  1. I really like it that you wait before making a purchase. Impulse purchases are the worst (I am guilty of this). Waiting actually puts things in perspective. I am glad that the new purchase is bringing you happiness. That’s what matters most.

    – Mahnoor

  2. Author

    I used to like that about myself but sometimes I wait wayyy too much. You know what I mean? And that’s so true – that *is* what matters the most <3

  3. You are so cute! You get so excited about electronics and it is adorable. Awesome the speaker is blue-tooth and it perfectly goes with your decor.

  4. Its one of ure funniest posts ever.. the account was too good. Wish we cud hear this beauty too on the post

  5. Is it universal?! I really want it! 🙂 i waa eyeing the bose one but this!!!!! But i will be moving to other zone so just a bit concerned about that

    1. Author

      Yup, it’s universal 🙂 But Bose should be pretty good too. Check out both in-store and compare the sounds 🙂

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