Nailcolor Talk: Two Earthy Colors I’m Loving

Nailcolor Talk: Two Earthy Colors I’m Loving

Pretty much in love with all things earthy these days so I thought let’s do my two favorite nailcolors today that fit that category. One’s a gorgeous brown nailpolish and the other’s a really nice nude color (that I randomly mentioned in a post sometime ago but doing a proper review here).

Both of these I’m love, love, loving these days and in my non-expert opinion, would work for everybody. Let us discuss these very important matters now.

Number 1: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Chocoholic 169

The first time I tried this color, I showed it to Nabeel and I was like, ‘Nabeel, please look at this.’ And he was like ‘Hey, that’s an amazing color.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, EXACTLY’. And then I wasted a few seconds of your life by sharing this pointless conversation, lmao.

I’m a Sally Hansen fan (80% of the colors I own are from it) so I only have good things to say about the brand. But this brown color particularly is extra gorgeous and applies like a champ. Totally going into my permanent lineup.

Finish: Glossy

Opacity: Not sheer at all (I don’t buy any sheer colors  anyway). Two coats give you 100% rich color.

Application: I love the applicator brushes in the Salon Manicure range so application is a breeze. Smooth and easy. Dries fast – I can start applying the second coat by the time I’m done applying the first one. But I do stay put after the second coat for at least fifteen minutes, otherwise I have potential it fack it up. Also, this is a gel shade but I use it like regular ones (too lazy to add a top coat but you could try that)

Longevity: For such dark colors, I usually see perfect results for two days. After which I prefer to do one more coat on the third day to make it fresh, hide any mild wearing-out, and easily make the manicure last for a full week. After that, it starts mild chipping/weardown from the edge of the nail around the 6th day. This includes dishwashing and random barbaric acts of banging into things (I’m very clumsy and keep hitting myself).

Where did I buy it?

In Dubai, I bought this from Carrefour in Mall of the Emirates.

For Pakistan, you can try getting it here (although the price is three times higher than the usual) or ask to source it for you because they carry other Sally Hansen colors.

Number 2: Sally Hansen Color Therapy in Steely Serene 150

A good neutral nailpolish is like a good boyfriend – you’ll have to kiss a few frogs to find the right one. I think this is the right one.

Finish: Glossy

Opacity: Not sheer at all. Two coats give you 100% rich color.

Application: Exactly the same as for the first color above.

Longevity: This can last me for days with zero touchups and maximum reckless behavior. Even when it starts wearing out, you can barely tell so it’s perfect for lazybums.

Where did I buy it?

I actually bought this from the US, and I don’t think it’s available here in Dubai but you can order it on Desert Cart here.

For Pakistan, again, you can try getting it here (although the price is three times higher than the usual) or ask to source it for you because they carry other Sally Hansen colors.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Note: The colors are exactly the same on my PC as they are in real but naturally monitor differences may exist and you may be seeing a slight difference in tones (disclaimer type thing to avoid rotten tamatar in my face one day)

Until next time.



  1. Yeh colours kitnay pyare hen <3 but they'd look ugly on my dark hands. Sigh.

  2. Hello! Just a suggestion (I know I give many 🙂 lol). Can you please, please do a Dubai travel post? Things like what to see, what to avoid, and such. It would really help your readers like me out. Also, can I stay with you when I visit 😉 ?

  3. Lovingggg the neutral shade toooo much

  4. may i politely tell you something? you are not supposed to apply nail color on the cuticles. its supposed to be bad or something. this was a tip given to me by my nail tech at the salon. i noticed that you have applied it the wrong way so thought i’d share.

    1. Author

      Hey Sundus, so sweet of you to share. Definitely, applying on cuticles dries them out so your nail tech is right. I just prefer it that way so I keep my cuticles extra moisturized to balance it 🙂 I’ve done it this way for years and it works for me, but definitely don’t do it if your cuticles don’t seem to be cooperating. <3

      1. makes sense. i always end up applying it on the cuticles when doing it myself, because how else will you do it without making it look ugly.

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