My Home Cleaning Routine

My Home Cleaning Routine

Didn’t imagine myself writing this post but stranger things have happened, lulz. Basically, I keep getting questions about how I keep my place clean/how it gets cleaned ALL the time (nearly everyday at this point) so here I am discussing how this happens. It’s simple straightforward stuff, no rocket science, but like I said, too many have asked so here I am to answer. Gentlemen and ladies, my home cleaning routine.

But. Before I jump into sexy talk around jharoo pocha and scrubbing toilets, let’s understand one thing together. No one’s house can be clean all the time. We all make messes – that we clean up, then make them again, then clean up. It’s the cycle of safai, bros. It’s unrealistic to compare someone’s brand new cleanup to your day old mess. Just don’t do it.

Back to the post – I’m not outlining any ‘tips’ for you guys here. I’m only sharing what I do, that’s about it. I’m not super organized all the time but my attempt in life is to have a pulled together space as much as possible. It makes me think, feel, live better so it’s a priority. But while it is a priority, it’s one that comes with flexibility – I’ll do it according to my set routine but if it compromises the time Nabeel and I get to spend with each other or if both of us are super tired – I prefer to ignore the mess and take care of myself first. Just a random note before beginning.

Anyhoo. I’ll share what I do currently (Nabeel and I together in our shared space) as well as how I used to do it when I was living by myself in Karachi (helps to add another situation to the mix). Let’s begin this glamorous discussion.


Currently: Because I work from home, I find it very hard to get things done if there’s a mess around me. So both of us tidy everything up at night before going to sleep. This means doing any dishes from the day, sorting out the living area (random things tossed around that we’ve used while hanging out), tidying up my work desk for the next day, putting back any clothes thrown here and there in the bedroom (somehow happens everyday) and anything else that’s out of place. It takes anywhere from 10-15 minutes everyday and 90% of the time we do it. For times when we can’t manage it the night before, I do it in the morning before beginning my day – but because I really don’t like starting my day to an untidy place, I try my best that it doesn’t have to be that way.

To make daily cleanup easier as well, I’ve made it a habit to keep putting things back as I use them or when I’m moving between rooms to carry a couple of things each time to whatever space it belongs, so things keep happening without me noticing them and there isn’t too much to fix by the end of the day.


Currently: I have hired house help that comes in for a few hours once a week to clean everything up. Mopping, vacuuming, scrubbing, washing, whatever needs to be done, she does it, I love her. She comes early morning and cleans for two hours and irons for two hours (ironing is non-negotiable, there is no task I hate more). Since she cleans behind all the crazy stuff I have around the house, she usually moves things from *exactly* how they’re supposed to be (these are my psychological issues, nothing to do with her) and so I put everything back in its place once she’s done; takes about 5 minutes.

While I was living by myself in Karachi: Getting house help in Karachi when I was working at a regular office was a nightmare since I used to leave my place around 7 am and would only be back by 8 in the night. The initial few years I didn’t have anyone to come clean my place, so I would keep one day a week and scrub the entire place down – bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, everything (once a friend came over who wanted company while watching a show and I only had a few hours to clean so she watched her show and I hung out next to her with a wiper and my pajama. What a visual). The two years I did have full-time house help with me, my place would get cleaned everyday after I’d go to work (but this arrangement had a ton of incredible stories attached with it as you can imagine since I used to leave the apartment with them for the whole day. Let’s save that for the post where I talk about my Karachi nightmares, lulz).

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

That’s about it. Both Nabeel and I try and keep the place in check as much as possible because we both just operate better when things are in order. Then there are times where you just don’t get the time and things spiral out of control (I’ve shamelessly Snapchatted that quite a few times) – at such points you just let it be for a while until you’re ready, then simply embrace your inner maasi (there’s one inside all of us), take a deep breath and start cleaning.

Let me know if I missed anything. Also, if you have a unique living arrangement, do share your cleaning situation (no discrimination on this blog to any topic) because way too many people are interested and you might end up helping someone out. *mushy hearts*


  1. Thank you for sharing this. I think I’m one of the people harassing you about this on Snapchat 😛

  2. i’m kinda badly inspired by ur Bloggs. 👍🏻❤️
    can u post pictures of ur complete ghar? i like and love every bit of ur Ghar just like ur blogs.


  3. Love this post, especially the point where you said it can get messy at time. I clean house at the night too especially fixing the cushion n throws on sofas in living area 🙈🙈🙈

      1. Yah it happens with me too !! Especially it’s a task when you have all the junk in the house which you can’t rid of and when you don’t have storage .. thanks to dubai hehe

  4. Your statement ‘No ones house can be clean all the time’ is so reassuring, seriously. I used to be one of those kinds who can’t stand a mess around especially while working but I have learned to manage now because either my toddler will be jumping over me or she’ll create a mess with her toys all over while I work. So I pickup and clean everything when she naps or goes to sleep at night… 😕
    But I love the way you keep your place so clean and lively, girl. Keep it up 👍🏻

  5. The two thoughts in the beginning are beautiful and sooo true

  6. 🙋 Those plants. Are they real or fake? Where’d you get ’em from? I wuv them. I wuv ur whole house arrangement 😍

  7. Loved the post. Looking forward to reading about the Karachi nightmares. :p

  8. Ahh this putting away the things by the end of the day is a gold advice( my parents will say u jus need lil bit of common sense to think that up..)..Anyhoo.. I actually applied it to my house and to my car also!! Before i leave my car I pick up any water bottles and the receipts, tissues, starbucks cup (:-/), plastic bags etc i have used in the day… i also do a final visual inspection for any dust, hairs (:() and this has really helped my car to look clean and fresh…

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