Had such a great start to the weekend – there’s absolutely nothing better for me than getting up early, catching breakfast with friends, sorting out chores and then being back home by lunch with nothing on my agenda except practicing different positions to bum around on the couch. I went a tiny bit shopping today at Dubai Garden Centre and The Organic Store for some things I’ve been wanting since some time, come join me on Snapchat (ID: shehzeen-r), I’ll share what I got sometime today (nothing special but speshul to me). // My tights are from Namshi.

Working from my living room all of yesterday. The entire apartment was ‘tripping’, and a whole lot of chaos was happening (can’t even list the number of things going wrong), so I couldn’t work from my desk. But working from a new spot is all kinds of interesting so I actually ended up having a pretty good work day.
Was ordering something from a website a few days ago and right when I was about to check out, I noticed the ‘gift’ option. I usually ignore and move past it but that day I thought to myself, ‘why not’. So I clicked it, wrote myself a message (LOLZ, such a terrible message, must’ve been high on sugar or something) and finished the order. My ‘gift’ arrived yesterday and the gift packaging and (psycho) note to myself were a gazillion times better than any other ‘regular’ order I’ve ever received. Never checking out without gifting myself ever again.
Monthly plant showering ritual in the kitchen sink (and some in the bathtub).

My eldest sister could not be more different from me and is the craziest person our side of the family but she’s so spirited and all heart that I’m forced to love her, lulz. She recently lost her Instagram account (Instagram went nuts or something) and I’d love it if you guys could follow along on her new account right here (just click it): @whatshappeninginyourcity1. She posts about everything under the sun so if you like keeping up with products, events, blah blah, you’re going to enjoy her page. Special love from me if you do *insert exploding yellow heart*
If anything brightened your week or there’s something you’re looking forward to for the weekend, I’d love to know. Have a great weekend, you guys.


  1. Shehzeen where is your soap dispenser set from and where do you keep your sponges etc?

    1. Author

      Hey, the dispensers are from H&M Home. And the sponges are in the cabinet below the sink!

  2. Friday posts are so refreshing. Loved today's post even more than others! Love you. S.

  3. Such a good post. Enjoyed it immensely

  4. You have to be the best blogger for pictures !! Your pictures are spot on.. and I hardly read anyone’s blog now but I always want to read you and your ideas 🙈❤❤❤

  5. This stuff is sooo cool esp the gift bit. Loved it. Totally follow your sis. Love her

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