Found a brown eyeliner deep in my makeup section two days ago. Immediately put it on (Urban Decay 24/7 something, don’t really love it, but it was good for a random one-off thing). Currently heading out for a day of some crazy eating after a couple of weeks of (relatively) clean eating (Afghani pulao, I’m coming for you). Might do some chores after, might watch Baby Boss, nobody knows what will eventually happen – I’m one of those people who get drunk on food so I might be found incapacitated post 4 pm this evening, thanks.

Love bright, natural light always and forever but sometimes drawing all the curtains makes everything next level therapeutic.

Super sweet surprise came my way this week from The Dhurrie Project . I’ve always loved this bag of theirs and now it’s mine. Separately, raise your hand if you realise that all my handbags have fringe and/or tassels on them. *raising hand* Also, hashtag no regrets.

Nabeel and I’ve been trying to minimize processed sugar (cutting out entirely is not an option, I gots a badass sweet tooth). For nights that we feel naughty (food-wise please, this is a family environment), we’ve pulled in the help of dark chocolate. Now I’m not a fan of dark chocolate but being the bigger person here and allowing it to grow on me. Also, when you have no chocolate then you accept dark chocolate, so. (Let me know if there’s a dark chocolate that you luuhhveee, I’m having Lindt these days)

I don’t love giving verdicts so fast but I tried out this Vitamin Recharge cleansing balm this week (the left one) and my hair felt FAB. I’ve been sitting on it for over a month and just got around to trying it (and now going to take another month to properly review it after using a few times – I’m really the worst blogger ever). But I really loved how my hair felt the first time, so if you’re in a mad rush to try something new, you can give this a shot. Vivandi Trading sent it to me, who you can find here. I’m still going to try it a few more times because sometimes a product performs at first and then falls flat the next time so if you’d like to wait and watch, I’ll do a review in a few weeks (you can arrange popcorn in the meanwhile).

If anything brightened your week or there’s something you’re looking forward to for the weekend, I’d love to know. Have a great weekend, you guys.


  1. It’s so hot in Karachi that I have been curled up in my bed mostly all week. Trying to cut back on cold drinks like you are on sugar but the weather is not cooperating. (Bahanay hen bas!)

  2. Cailler is my favorite! It’s a Swiss brand and unfortunately, I can’t find it anywhere in Dubai 🙁 if someone you know visits Switzerland, ask them to bring some or get them from the Dubai airport duty free. Try the ones with nuts and/or fruits!

  3. I LOVE dark chocolate but try to cut down on the percentage. Go for a 75%. That’s not very difficult to like 🙈

    Enjoy your pulao 🙂

  4. I love dark chocolate. See if you can find one with fruit bits in it like orange or raspberry. They are absolutely divine and less “earthy” like dark chocolate 🙂

  5. Dark chocolate is not my thing i thk all for milk choc. Love the brown eyeliner. Whats the price point like for urban decay

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