My Favorite Games To Play With Friends

My Favorite Games To Play With Friends

Sometimes, I’ve posted the games I play with friends (party games, basically) on Snapchat and have gotten so many questions around them that I thought I’d do a post on it (sometimes I don’t Snap while playing for the same reason, on days I don’t feel like giving too many details lulz, sooory). These are games that are fantastic levels of fun and totally the best way to hang out at home with snacks and music and some good old shouting.

I’m not such a card game fan so while those work for a lot of people, they’re not so much for me. Also hate Monopoly (which Sumika is always trying to get me to play whenever she’s over). But these four games are my absolute faves. I’m going to give you a brief into on them, why they’re fun, from where you can purchase these and what kind of setup I do at home when I want to play any one of them. Please to share your faves with me too, okay (even if it’s Monopoly, heh). Let’s go.

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1. Taboo

You split up into teams and when it’s your turn, you pick a card from the main stack to get going. You have to make your partner(s) guess the word on your card without using the word itself or the additional five words listed on that card (which are very close to the main word so it makes it tough to not use them). You can talk, make gestures, sing, dance, whatever – you just can’t use the main word and the similar five words written on the card. It’s a timed game so you have to try and make your partner(s) guess as many words as possible. The team that has the most guessed words by the end of the game, wins.

Why it’s fun:

  • Lots of people therefore lots of noise
  • You have to keep an eye on someone not accidentally using one of the similar words on the card (below the main word) because then that card doesn’t qualify. So when someone slips up, you get to squeak your buzzer and call them out on it and harass/confuse them (immature but exciting).
  • You can choose to have a more dignified game but we prefer to confuse the person trying to make their partner guess by throwing in absolute gibberish, unrelated to the word, and be excessively juvenile.
  • Everyone  ends up using the most ridiculous/hilarious things to make their partner(s) guess the word. Especially if you know your partner(s) well, it can get very, very entertaining.

How do you get it?

In the UAE, you can buy Taboo on Souq here. Or you could physically go and pick it up from most toy stores. In Pakistan, you can buy it on Daraz here.

Don’t want to buy it?

The physical game is the real thing and I wouldn’t play it otherwise – but if you really don’t want to/aren’t able to spend, here’s an unofficial online version you could try (or just google to find something you like).

How do I setup?

Just the game, a coffee table and a scorekeeping board/paper.

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2. Dumb Charades

Also, a guessing game which pretty much everyone has played at one time or the other. Your opponent team writes down what they want your team to guess on a piece of paper and one person from your team mimes the hints to their partner(s)/acts them out without saying a word. You can use some charade-specific gestures to indicate if you’re miming ‘a word’ or ‘syllable’ or ‘what it sounds like’, etc but you gotta do it all while being on mute (you can see the common signals here). The team that has the most guesses done by the end of the game, wins.

Why it’s fun

  • Again, lots of people, so lots of noise and subsequent fun
  • Also, once again, it’s terrible amounts of exciting to throw the wrong guesses to confuse your opponent team when they’re trying to guess
  • You can pick a theme and make people guess anything. You could do sophisticated stuff like events from history or opt for more imaginative things like cheap songs, movie titles, funny phrases, totally your call. We once picked Bollywood movies and chose the ones with really terrible names and it was a BLAST seeing (particularly the guys) do some very questionable moves (there may or may not be a recording stored somewhere for future blackmail purposes).

How do you get it?

I’ve seen a few board game versions of this but I’ve always played this one super randomly with just our imaginations and some pen and paper so just pick your theme and let each team decide what they want the other team to guess on each turn.

How do I setup?

Just some pieces of paper and a pen.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

3. Pictionary

AGAIN, a guessing game (what can I say, we like guessing games) and this one’s actually very Dumb Charades inspired except that instead of using your gestures to make your team guess the word/phrase, you draw on a piece of paper and your team has to figure it out based on your illustration.

Why it’s fun

  • The general public is HORRENDOUS at drawing and therefore the things that end up surfacing on that piece of paper – they’re brilliant. Exhibit above.
  • The cuss words thrown around when the team can’t guess what their partner was trying to draw and then are able to see what they were trying to go for when the round is over – those are epic, bros.

How do you get it?

In the UAE, you can buy Pictionary on Jadopado here (this is the cheapest price I found online) or on Souq here (and a kind of cooler version here). Or you could physically go and pick it up from most toy stores. In Pakistan, you can buy it on Daraz here.

How do I setup?

You can buy the board game linked above or DIY it. Just need some pen, paper and a form of scorekeeping. To make the drawing engaging for everyone, we usually set up an easel (got a cheap one from Dragon Mart), put a magnetic board on it (got this one from IKEA once very long ago for something else, you could keep a white or black board) and removable markers – this way everyone gets to see what’s being drawn.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

4. Kahoot

This game is SO fun and SO fast, you’re going to be all ‘what the HELL  is happening’ for the first few rounds. In this game, you have to answer a set of questions in real-time, the topic for which you pick before starting a round. This game is played from your phone or computer and all players login together. You basically have to wait for the question to appear on the screen (we plug it into our TV) and everyone has to answer it before time’s up. The person who answers the fastest wins the round at the end.

Why it’s fun

  • Everyone will be on the edge of their seat waiting for the questions to appear and literally pouncing on their devices to answer the question first. It’s madness.
  • A lot of people will accidentally choose the wrong answer in a hurry, even though they’ll KNOW the right answer, and the subsequent swearing is simply too good to watch.
  • Even kids can play this with you since it’s actually pretty educational. Once Nabeel’s nephew was just hanging out with us while we were playing on ‘company logos’, and he actually ended up knowing more than six adults combined (for realz).

How do you get it?

The game is online and completely free so you can just start playing it right here (requires a few minutes of setup time first). One person has to be the host and create a game pin that all others can join into (see these instructions to get started).

How do I setup?

A phone for everyone (laptops could also work) and a screen to share (we use a TV) that everyone has to connect to.

I’ll also do a post for the games/activities Nabeel and I do for fun, just the two of us, in a few weeks! Now tell me your favorite party games, haarrryyy upppp.


  1. Love and have played 1 to 3. Will definitely try no.4. Have you played cards against humanity? I’ve heard that’s fun. And Uno is a classic 🙂

    – Maheen A

    P.s: when you open up this link from Facebook, it shows as “by nabeel moin”. Don’t know if that’s something you’d want to look into. I’m not a techie so don’t know what’s up. Lol

    1. Author

      I’ve been totally meaning to check CAH out since forever but somehow reading its description makes me feel like my friends wont enjoy it :O I guess I should give it a shot anyway, heh. And oh man, I used to play Uno so much in my bachpan, what good times! (Thanks for glitch thing, after the blog update, Nabeel took over the whole admin area haha. Just fixed it!)

  2. I’ve played 2, 3 and 4 and it’s such fun messing with the heads of members of opponent teams. Will try tango and kahoot as well. I play antakshiri wit cousins and damn it gets so crazy at times 😂

  3. I will Definitely try out 1st and 4th. Looks fun 😀

  4. You have to try’s great fun and combines pictionary, charades and other games all into one!

  5. What a fun post. Incidentally we have a game nite planned this week. Maybe we should pick afew from here

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