Welcome Back Chit-Chat

Welcome Back Chit-Chat

GUYS. Welcome back to the blog! You, me, eraaybaady.
I’m sitting here on my couch (no work desk for me today) with some chai, have one of my new candles on and eating chocolates out of a box (always exciting to get into a proper box once in a while, no?). It’s been five weeks since I posted and I’m thrilled to get back to my much-loved, blog editing window and talk to you guys. Just going to do a quick chit chat of all that’s happened and what I’m planning for the next few days. Let’s talk.
* I came back to Dubai last week and because Nabeel’s mom was in town, we spent the last four days just hanging out with her. Had a dinner at our place, took her around the city for a bit, did some talking, tried multiple times to pack 37 kilos worth of luggage into a 30 kg bag (long story, lulz) for her flight last night.
* If anyone missed it, my sister gave birth to the love of my life, my brand new niece, who I am desperately in love with (which is why I was in the US). I’ve been obsessively staring at her pictures multiple times a day since I’ve been back and I can’t remember a life before her. The first time I became a khala was 15 years ago so this felt like all kinds of new. She’s probably going to hate me cos I’m going to be that chipkoo relative of hers who refuses to understand the concept of space.
* I have some serious plans to deep clean our apartment today. We had a few visitors at our place while I was gone and so the entire place has been turned upside down. Baking tins in the laundry room, bed linen in the bathroom (mild exaggeration and/or possible lies here) – but everything is messed up and I cannot breathe until it’s all back in its place so today is cleaning day. I’d love to wait for Nabeel to join me on this exciting adventure but right now it feels impossible to wait for him to come back from work so, it’s happening now.
* While I was in the US, I was part-time on baby-loving duties and part-time housekeeper. I wanted my sister to not do ANY thing while I was there, so I had a ton of housework to do (she has a big place, mashallah). So I came back to Dubai all bruised and broken, lulz. I want to do a major reset on myself too so after cleanup today, it’s going to be major turn-the-house-into-a-spa kind of day. Diffuser, candles, any/all kinds of spray mists, chai, good music, the works. It’s all coming out.
* Also, my beauty regime during my trip was limited to brushing my teeth so plan on doing a big skincare/haircare reset sometime this week as well. Bringing out all beauty products to go from gorilla to glam, thanks everyone.
* I haven’t seen a movie in weeks now (only saw Raees with my sister while I was there). Being such a fan of the movies, I need to rectify this fast. If you guys saw anything awesome recently tell me. I have my eyes on Split, Rangoon and John Wick 2. Watched Logan last night and loved it.
* Nabeel killed two of my cacti (he’s going to kill me for saying this). Don’t know how since they can go for weeks without watering but he managed to kill them just by looking at them.
* I ate like there was no tomorrow while I was at my sister’s place. I mean, I broke my own records. French toast for breakfast, junk food for lunch and dinner, entire tubs of ice cream for dessert, a gazillion chocolates a day, random snacks all the time, regular coke everyday, it was catastrophic. What I found shocking when I got back though was that I had actually lost a few pounds. Major lulz. If you didn’t believe me that I did a lot of housework while there, I’ll say it again. Running up and down the stairs at my sister’s place about 30 times a day and being on my feet all the time just neutralized it all. Something like this has never happened with me before so this is a moment.
* Made chai for myself this morning and it felt so good. It was the first time since I got back (Nabeel or his mom had been making till now) and I have to say I enjoy the process of chai making just as much as the drinking. It’s a legit experience. Felt so good doing it in my own kitchen. Best.
* I’m dying to pick up a book and get back to reading. It’s been a few months and I have books literally calling out to me so this weekend I hope to get started on a fresh new one and fix this fast.
* Have really fun posts/projects lined up. Super excited to share with you all. And since I can slip it in, thank you so much for supporting the blog and my job 🙂
What’s been happening with you, guys? Share the big stuff and the small stuff. Hi again.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
+ The candle is Hammam Secret from Rituals.


  1. The kid is so pretty. So congratulations to you and to your family. Was waiting to read something good today and it is safe to say that your post refreshed my dimagh. Much love!

    1. Author

      Thank you so much man. And it felt equally refreshing to get your comment! It's been so long!

  2. Sooooo good to have u back! U r like that neighbor whose house one occasionally, very inappropriately, peeks into out of sheer curiosity. Glad the neighbor's back! :*

    1. Author

      Sooo happy to be your neighbor 😉 Thank you for the welcome back, it made me all energized 😀

  3. Hey, so good to have you back with your awesome writings. My month has been a busy one too, I tried to work hard on my blog and was going pretty well until I got guests at my place ?.
    About that cleaning part, I am so with you coz my home also need a deep cleaning and I feel so uncomfortable the way it looks right now… lol, will be doing that once I say good bye to my guests as well.
    Will be waiting for ur fun posts girl ? U r such an inspiration.

  4. YAAASSS knew typing the desiwonderwoman.com would land me to a new post <3 welcome back shehzeen!

  5. Missed the blog a lot! Glad you're back 🙂 Niece too cute <3

  6. Welcome backkk! Missed the blog!
    – NH 🙂

  7. Missed the blog so much! Welcome back, favourite blogger.
    – Hareem

  8. Yay, you're back! Many congratulations on the adorable niece. As for the movies, watch Arrival and Nocturnal Animals. Two of my favs from the Oscar lineup. Have also heard that Lion is amazing.

  9. Welcome back! I went to Nepal and had a blast! Want to blog about it but have been feeling so lazy and dealing with post travel depression (that's a thing!). Looking forward to your posts. Enjoy 🙂

  10. Hey, good to hear from you after weeks!
    Watch La La Land, it is a good movie!

  11. I'm very new here!!! Love love love your blogs!! They're mind blowingly REFRESHING.. congratulations on the arrival of your munchkin.. she's a doll..

  12. Hi there, its been so enjoying to reading up ur blog since so many days but the fact is ur chit chat is completly about ur normal daily life and it helps me and im sure to other to re-energise from daily hassils ������‍♀️ but fully and deeply enjoying reading and following up ur blog�� today is the first day im going to take my daughter to sit on lap story times to the local library in my town may be my sister n law joining us we have to leave by 9:30 am sharp if i would manage it and my lil one going to be look after by my husband and i'll be back in an our so should be no trouble ���� waiting for a new blog to read and get refreshed my brain ������

  13. I just came back from sunny Istanbul to dull England, I felt so udaas, this piece of writing really gave me some motivation to get back to work, gher ke kaam… Ah… 🙂

  14. Dww is backkkk.. woooohooo. Loved the posg. So refreshing. Its lifes back to normal

  15. Missed commenting on your blog ? and you of course !!!
    Welcome back the greattt shehzeeen .. ??

  16. Hey Shenzhen..welcome back..
    missed you…. congrats on the new arrival in family MashaALlah…. nothing new over the month except getting back to doing some serious book reading, watched Logan and went for a superb auyrvedic facial by a very sweet girl who gave me coubtless tips to improve my hair n skin situation which I m trying to follow….and oh ya my bro got engaged.. major highlights of my life in this last month 😀

  17. I was planning a trip to Bahawalpur and spotted your extremely informative blog about it and then have been(compulsively)reading ALL your blogs , and following you on instagram etc etc. Sounds stalkish I know but I absolutely fell in love with your bedroom makeover. I noticed that a lot of the stuff I was reading as from last year, and then I really felt like a stalker. But glad that its more updated now and you are back blogging.
    Congratulations on your becoming a khala!
    And all the best!

  18. Welcome back, Shehzeen and congrats once again for becoming a khaala 🙂

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