Proud Paindoo

Proud Paindoo

A few days ago this girl messaged me privately. She asked me how I had such ‘good English’ and ‘so confidence’ and ‘how I can be also cool’. She apologised multiple times for sending me a confusing message because her ‘English was bad’ and that she felt ’embarrassed but really wanted help’.
I replied to her separately but here’s the thing: It’s not the first time someone’s sent me a message like that and I feel we need to spend a minute on it. 
I’ll tell you something I know and am content with. I don’t have killer personal style. But I’m comfortable. My vocabulary of the English language is super limited and I don’t know any of the big, important, fancy words. But I know how to communicate. I’m ‘uncool’ to a large part of the world. But I’m cool to myself.
I know what I’m about and I like myself. There’s no one like me. There’s no one like you.
If you like what you choose when you go shopping, wear it with pride. Don’t diss others, don’t diss yourself.
If you can communicate what you want to say in your broken English or in your ‘terrible’ accent, you note that down as sufficient. People across the world speak within their native accents and so many are at gloriously advanced levels in their careers. If you wish to learn or improve on your English speaking skills, do it because you want to. Not because it’s ‘cool’. It’s a foreign language, not a superiority benchmark tool.
I have a particular dislike for people making fun of frivolous things like other people’s accents, their command on another language and/or their clothing choices. I refuse to even share, let alone discuss, ‘funny’ videos where the subject of humor is another human’s different taste level or lack of mastery over a skill that’s not life-essential. 
So you speak your garbage English accent. You make your grammar mistakes unapologetically. You wear your poorly styled clothes. You be proud of your travel stories even if you’ve gone only as far as the train station in your city. You be ‘uncool’.
We all add color to this world. Each one of us. No one would Instagram a rainbow if it was just one shade, no?
‘Cool’ people are great. ‘Uncool’ people are great. You be you, you do you.
I’m one proud paindoo. You be a fearless one too.


  1. labels like paindoo burger and bunkebab are such terrible markers to gauge personality. It's heartbreaking what our colonial past has done to us. Be loud be proud and say whatever you want it doesnt matter if you say it in urdu, punjabi or seraiki.

  2. I love how you spread positivity and self confidence to all your readers in your own unique way. Loads of love to ya.

  3. Very well put. You exude positivity! Keep doing what you do best

  4. Once one of our new friends while having dinner togather and discussing about our origions from pakistan laughed how her husband communicate with his parents in punjabi n she found it funny n also said it sounds so paindo to her. My husband hate such people and then asked her u know wat paindo means abd whats is paindo in talking in our Own language n then he explained her that paindo word is derived from paind n oaind means back qhich means he has roots in other words hez khandani…..n then i have seen embaressment on her face ��

  5. "Cool people are great. Uncool people are great. You be you, you do you."
    You nailed it girl. Keep writing such motivational articles. Cheers x

  6. I felt happy reading this. Today i am feeling like yayy i am the worlds biggest loser for so many reasons like even some which happens in my kindergarten. But what tops it is I have lost interest in my job and my work just keep piling up and none of the cells in my body want to move and get those work done. This has been the situation for the past 2 weeks. The other day when i was drowned in work and instead of working I just opened your blog and checked the places you traveled to and decided in a nanosec Koh Samui is where I want to go next and started planning for the trip. I will do anything but work situation. I am physically and emotionally exhausted. So I felt really good reading something positive today. Thank you Shehzeen..

  7. True, every single word. I don't understand after getting education from best universities and people joke about English accents and dressing. All hail the colonial sarkars. Ghulaami zehniat se bahar ana mushkil ho gaya hai logon ka.

  8. Awesome post!!
    Although I don't know what exactly paindoo means but your message was loud and clear.

  9. Loved this. THANK YOU SHEHZEEN!

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