Launching Our Book Club!

Launching Our Book Club!

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LET’S DO THIS. Starting our very own, yours and mine, tiny little book club right here on the internet. This book club has no hangups. You read what you want, you share what you want. I’m starting off with my first book for the year. Pull your books out and let’s get them done by the end of March! (sorry for starting a little late but I know you love me and I love you and we love our book club)

Here are the rules for our baby book club.
1. We each read one book every month. You can read more than one, whatever you want. If you can’t find any time to read a full book, re-read one of your old faves. Just read something. Develop the habit.
2. At the beginning of each month, I’ll share what book I read the month before. You share the ones you read. We talk about what we liked about them, if we recommend them, the works. 
3. We don’t share spoilers. Anyone who shares spoilers gets blocked. Immediately, urgently, critically, permanently. (I’ve ignored two people who gave me bad spoilers on a couple of my books last year and partially ruined them for me, I’m not going to be so nice now because hundreds of reading eyes and minds are in question. Don’t be badtameez and make your mama proud).
4. We all read whatever books we want. I decided against picking one book only for each month because a) People have different tastes and I don’t want this spiraling from an activity of fun to an activity of mental imprisonment. b) Sometimes you just can’t get your hands on a book in certain cities/countries so let’s not turn this into an acrobatic book-sourcing challenge. (But if you’re interested, you can always get your hands on the book I’m reading that month so we read together)

5. We do this for fun and mental enrichment. No part of it should feel like a chore. If you’re not enjoying a book, drop it.
Book club updates are going to be on social media, not on the blog. So join up on Facebook here and/or Instagram here. (If a LOT of you want them to be on the blog, then I’ll do a blogpost too, but let me know in that case) #dwwbookclub is the hashtag I’ll use to keep all the reads together.
That’s it. Get your books ready and make sure you’ve read them by the end of March. If you know what you’re going to read, let me know in the comments. I’m going to be reading The Firm by John Grisham.
I’m suddenly so excited. I hope you’re suddenly so excited too.
Until next time.


  1. AHHHH THE DWW BOOK CLUB – I have read two books this month and want to finish at least one more this week – i can share my dad three laws of reading (hint hint nudge nudge) so that people can always make time to read <3

  2. Omg yay for the book club. I am half-way through The Bell Jar. Picked it up a few days ago only, such timing, much wow.(Also, look at me casually ignoring the fact that I have exams coming up)


  3. Hi
    This makes me want to finish the book I am already reading. The god of small things by arundhati roy

  4. I am so in! I read 3 books last month and I think will finish about 3 this month (I am a crazy fast reader and ignore everything and everyone around me when I read. Super excited about this! 😀

  5. I am currently reading Fugitive Pieces by Anne Michaels and I am in love <3 <3. Lets hope I finish it soon.

  6. Yayyyyyy!The coolest book club run by the coolest person ?? I am tou totally in in in ?? I think i will finish about two books this month *Hopefully* .'The Spy' by Paulo coelho is the book i am currently reading ?

  7. Awesome initiative… looking forward to seeing wht you and others are reading. Im currently reading 'gone girl'. ��

  8. Grt… I ve again picked up reading recently..
    Now read at least few pages daily depending on time… I am a big nora Roberts fan … reading her's high moon at the moment….the firm is one of my grisham's fav …. hope u enjoy it

  9. I am reading Mr and Mrs Jinnah – the marriage that shook India by Sheela Reddy. I am a couple of pages in and it is great so far.
    I absolutely love the idea of your book club. I love how it is not restricted to just one book. hope it works out well 🙂

  10. Well you know I'm loving it and totes going to participate each month b/c that's how librarians roll. My taste is eclectic and I read about 2-3 books each month. I'm hoping to discover new writers especially of the Pakistani kind and have lively discussions with everyone here.

  11. Just when I was searching for a book club that could keep me on track with my reading, YOU LAUNCHED ONE! YAYYYY. I'll read "12 years a Slave" by Solomon Northup this month!

  12. I just finished reading "Jannat kay Pattay" yesterday. And it was the first proper urdu novel i read so was very excited and love love love the book. I can totally relate to it. Highly Recommended.

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