My Niece’s Baby Book – A Quick Tour

My Niece’s Baby Book – A Quick Tour

Hey boys. I got a memory book for my niece while I was in the US and I loved it so much that I thought I’d do a quick run-through for you guys and tell you what kind of mom is this baby book good for. All purchase links to this book, and others from the same artist are at the end of the post. Lezzgo.   
So this baby book is by Lucy Darling who’s a graphic designer and has created the most beautiful illustrated pages for documenting your baby’s first year in the world. Honestly, I don’t like the typical baby book designs and I didn’t find ANY thing like this while I was searching for one to get for my sister.
The book has gorgeous floral designs and typography as the major design element. It’s whimsical and pretty and since my sister has a really feminine taste, this was perfect for her.
Apart from pages that ask for details like ‘the baby’s first house’, ‘what time they came into the world’, foot and hand prints, ‘who was the president when the baby was born’, there are sections for documenting the baby’s monthly progress. It’s extremely simple and easy to do and since my sister has a VERY busy schedule and doesn’t like writing down pages and pages worth of content, I don’t think there was a better book for her.
Each monthly page has space for a picture and four tiny sections on 1) We’ll never forget, 2) You love, 3) You can and 4) You don’t like. Quick and easy.
I also loved that there’s flexibility for modifying the holidays to whatever culture/religion you belong to. So, while the boxes say stuff like ‘St. Patrick’s Day’ and ‘Cinco De Mayo’ which in all probability my sister won’t be having for my niece, the text on the boxes is only as a sample, so to say. Your picture goes on the box so you can basically fill it up with whatever holiday/festival you want. And the textbox below each picture only says “My first” so you can pin up a picture of the baby’s first Eid on St. Patricks Day as an example, and fill up the space below as “My first Eid”. Best.

The book also has five pages right at the end for each birthday so you can keep adding photos for the baby’s first five birthdays. AND, there are a few blank pages at the end (with floral patterns) so if there’s anything you want to add like tiny keepsakes in envelopes or just write something for the baby, you can do that.
I loved it. My sister loved it. My niece is going to love it, for sure.
Here’s some quick info

What: Lucy Darling Little Artist Memory Book – Baby’s First Year
Best for: Moms who don’t want to write too much and/or those with a terribly busy schedule who want an easy to maintain and update baby book
Where did I buy it? Amazon, here.
Also available at? Lucy Darling’s website, here.
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If you don’t like the floral theme, here are three other options from the same artist:

Little Love Memory Book (buy here) – on a swan theme

Little Captain Memory Book (buy here) – on a more boy-ish theme
Little Animal Lover Memory Book (buy here) – with animals everywhere

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I discovered on Lucy Darling’s website that Foxprint does prints of the exact sizes required for photos in the book with really nice white borders so I just ordered directly from there. They came out AMAZING. I got them printed in matte and they looked so incredible (can’t show you guys, cos they’re their personal photos). There’s also a Lucy Darling discount code mentioned on the website that I used, the code is LUCYDARLING.

That’s it. Let me know if you have kwoschuns, if I know, I shall answer.
Until next time.
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+ One of my past interns from one of my former jobs has started a very sweet and simple mommy blog. You can check it out here. She also did  on did a tiny post about me today (she’s been uber generous with her comments), if you’d like to read, you can go here.


  1. Love this baby book. So beautiful! But even more loving the fact that you are back and again a regular part of my life now 🙂

  2. Perfect- I know exactly what I need to order for little one! I would love to sit and write lots but I've realized with the first one, there's almost never enough time. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Feelin really shitty that amazon didnt let me.order it for myself.. its fantastic pick

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