Home Refresh

Home Refresh

I had the best day yesterday.
After wrapping up work early around 4 pm, I dedicated my life to a tiny refresh mission at my place. If there’s anything I’m truly passionate about, it’s making my home my happy place. Somewhere I can recharge, feel happy thoughts, destress and just feel at peace. Because of a bunch of visitors while I’d been gone, everything felt out of place, so nothing substantial could happen personally or professionally before this momentous milestone of fixing-my-place could be reached.
(I felt so good after everything I did, I asked Nabeel (in some cultures it could also be referred to as ’emotionally blackmailed’, no problem), to take some quick shots of me before work so I could recreate it for you guys. Please appreciate my sentiment and the images, thanks.) All products in the post are mentioned right at the end.
So yesterday, I put on some good music and did a deep clean on everything. Did the dishes, cleaned and sorted the kitchen cabinets, put everything back in its place in the living room, did some laundry, pulled out fresh sheets for the bedroom, opened the windows to let some air in, replenished supplies everywhere (soaps, towels, detergent) and it felt like I’d had a soul cleanse. It all felt so fresh and new.
Once everything had been detoxed, it was time for some magic so I turned up the diffuser and pulled out all possible candles in my possession and spread them out all over the place. Living room, kitchen, bathrooms, bedroom; kiddie stuff wouldn’t cut it at this point, we needed some commando action.
Picked up the magazines I’d gotten for my flight (never read any because I slept all the way, lulz), sprayed some bed mist all over the pillows and sheets and it was instant heaven. This bed mist I’ve been using for months. I always, always have it on me for sleep time and sometimes general feel-good time like yesterday (Snap buddies probably know this by heart).
Also made myself some licorice tea and it was so good, you guys (new favorite alert, thanks). It’s the first time I got myself this flavor and when I was getting it I was confused but then it felt wrong that there was a tea in this world that I hadn’t tried so I brought it home. And I’m so glad I did because it’s great. It’s the tiniest, tiniest bit sweet (almost negligible) but then I felt a little experimental and also mixed it with regular black tea and it made it a little bitter which I also loved (will try this cocktail again).
And I did my nails. After ages. I picked up this color in the US from Target. I’m a Sally Hansen fan so I can’t look further than this. This range was called ‘Color Therapy’ which I haven’t seen in Dubai so I knew I was getting it. It’s the most beautiful color and the bottle says it’s got Argan Oil in it, if you’d like to know.
Also, set up the stick diffuser in my bedroom btw which I recently picked up. I wasn’t a fan of this when I first got it many months ago (it didn’t feel strong enough in the living room) but when I moved it to my bedroom, it flooded the room with this glorious scent. Yesterday when Nabeel came home, he entered the room and said, ‘What is that amazing smell?’. So, basically, it’s awesome. (Check the name of this particular fragrance at the end of the post if you’d like to get it too, it’s the best one)
I cannot tell you how ready I am to properly get back into work and regular life after this refresh. You guys know I don’t spend too much on clothes or shoes or bags and other stuff. Feeling zen at home is my ultimate gift to myself and there’s nothing I love more than to center myself through my place. Happy girl I am.
Until next time.
Products (Nearly everything is Rituals because 90% of the home stuff I use now is from there, so can’t help it) 
Candle: Hammam Secret by Rituals / Bed & Body Mist: The Rituals Of Dao by Rituals / Tea: Emperor’s Dream by Rituals / Fragrance Sticks: The Ritual of Sakura by Rituals / Nailcolor: Sally Hansen Color Therapy in Steely Serene 150
T-shirt: Splash / Jeans: River Island / Lipcolor: Sweet Touch 744


  1. this post is quite refreshing itself, your house must be feeling much much better now. You did a great job girl *thumbs up*

  2. I have to this home refresh tomorrow before my husband comes!! 😀

  3. Wow i like your lipstick colour what is the brand name and number of lipstick ?☺

  4. Your posts make me Happy as well! It's refreshing Shehzeen!☺️

  5. love that you are back!!! Your home and love for it makes me want to live with my husband asap. Currently in LDR. 🙁
    So glad you are back with Nabeel! Loads of love and prayers for you guys! Masha Allah Masha Allah.

  6. This post is what my current dreams are made of (if that makes sense, haha)

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