Happy Friday. Had breakfast with Nabeel at Pappa Roti today with some gorgeous weather. Thinking of going to Global Village today for a bit very randomly and then catching Split in the cinema at night. By the way, I watched Badrinath Ki Dulhania last night and it was such fun. I absolutely loved it, really don’t understand why some people didn’t like it. Anyhoo, the rest of the weekend should hopefully involve disconnecting from general society, some thriller-esque reading, more movie catchup and general bumming around the house. Chai will be prominently featured too.
Weekend outfit for lunch with a friend. Jeans are from Gap, khussas from Chapter 13, top is super old from Jennyfer, necklace even older from H&M, and dupatta from my Bahawalpur trip.
Weekend nails plan. My sister got it for me from Sephora US and I’m just getting around to trying it out. It’s the limited edition Huda Beauty collection from Formula X and I don’t think it’s officially available here in Dubai.
My closest Dubai friend, Shehla is one of the bestest girls I’ve met in my LIFE. She has zero hangups, is unbelievably understanding, relaxed, casual, spirited and is the friend everyone needs. She loves making her place all special and zen, so I’ve made this home care package for her with some of my favorite goodies from Rituals. I put my favorite bed & body mist, the Hammam Secret Candle, two wardrobe sachets (you put them in with your clothes and your closet smells all sexy) and a mini diffuser. Fingers crossed she loves it. Cant wait to give it to her next week (she’s currently vacationing in Switzerland, pfftt)
Buying this from IKEA’s new collection this weekend. We already had a rattan chair but once upon a time Nabeel climbed onto it to fix our curtains. I told him, ‘Nabeel, don’t climb onto it, you’ll break the chair’. He said, ‘No I won’t’. I said, ‘Don’t do it, man’. He said, ‘It’s fine’. Then he broke it. We haven’t removed it from our living room yet and because it looks just fine, we’ve endangered the lives of many guests who’ve innocently fallen through the broken seat while trying to sit on it. I think it’s important we fix it now so getting this replacement tomorrow.
If anything brightened your week or there’s something you’re looking forward to for the weekend, I’d love to know. Have a great weekend, you guys.


  1. Your posts make me so happy.

  2. Such lively post.. ur Fridays' posts are so random yet so refreshing. Loving your outfit girl. Do post a picture of u wearing it all. Would love to see ?

  3. why not beauty n the going with my family tonight and my teenage daughter is v excited about it but she told me its an emotional roller coaster so mom taking tissues as well:)

  4. Puhleeeez don't forget to snap a picture when you wear this outfit.. or better do a style for dummies post on this, since everybody is asking for a picture 😀 i have the same stuff but clueless on how to rock it 😀

    Have a nice weekend 🙂 <3

  5. Well many good things happen this week MashaALlah.. happy and hope ful moments … ☺lukn forward to Sunday breakfast with my bestie and celebrating her happy moment. .. she cleared her specialization exam after years of hard work

  6. I always look forward to your friday posts,they make my fridat even brighter,thankyou!!

  7. The weekend outfit is magical.. wish u had snapped it too :((
    Shehla is too lucky

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