Tiny Secret Project With My Best Friends

Tiny Secret Project With My Best Friends

You guys know my two best girl friends were over in Dubai a few weeks ago, yes? We had a fantastic time together, practically doing nothing (which comprised of eating and resting from eating). In between all the doing-nothing, I also got them to be part of a tiny, little secret project with a brand that all three of us LOVE, Aldo. I mean, Aldo is actually the only shoe store they go to when they’re here, that’s pro level love, bros.
So they got a surprise from Aldo a day before (it’s in the video below!). For the video itself that we did the next day, I asked them to give very excited expressions but because they’re not used to being in front of the camera like that, I initially thought we’d get some forced faces. But we had SUCH a blast doing this, NONE of it was practiced or posed. Those two just killed it.
We.could.not.stop.laughing. Even though it was work stuff, it turned out to be one of the most fun things we did on that trip.
I’m a fan of this video for obvious reasons, it’s got two people I love being incredibly adorable. It’s making me smile even as I type this (so lame, lulz). I hope you love it, too.
If you want to watch it directly on YouTube and not in this post, just click here.

You can have a closer look at the stuff they got at the following links (I haven’t uploaded all, will update this post when I add more): Muneeza’s shoes, Muneeza’s bracelets, Sumika’s Bag, Sumika’s Shoes. They also got an accessory each from Aldo but we didn’t picture those in the video.

Special thanks to Aldo for making my two best friends so very happy 🙂 You can follow Aldo on Facebook right here.


  1. I was practically smiling all through the video! Your happiness is infectious! Love those girls, great job!

  2. loveeeee this video!!! love from india :))

  3. HAHA they look adorable! Love the shoot, those cobalt blue shoes tho <3

  4. This was sooooo well made.. and the fun is sooo evident.. you guys are friendship goals truly

  5. Working with friends always most beautiful things one could have, Beautiful. 🙂

  6. hahaha… really natural looks found on their face, photo and video was amazing. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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