Timeout: Jennifer Aniston’s Beverly Hills Home Tour. And More.

Timeout: Jennifer Aniston’s Beverly Hills Home Tour. And More.

1. Never want to live in a big house but entirely fascinated with checking them out (I could totally imagine a career where I just go tour people’s homes and then blog about them?). Also, really love Jennifer Aniston so happy to show you hers, check it out here.

2. I’ve been making very small, VERY slow changes to my overall health and lifestyle. My diet is so much cleaner than before, just started working out in the mornings (too early to guess if it will be a long-term commitment), generally have wellness stuff peppered throughout my week (not talking about it yet because still so new). Have been wanting to introduce some 5 minute meditation into my day since months now, I’ve decided 2017 is the year I finally do it. Liked this list of different kinds of meditation recos. If you have any suggestions, please share, thanks boyz.
[Image credit: Juicemi]
3. One of the highlights of my Karachi life was watching – no shame in this admittance – The Hills. It was my introduction to reality TV and I followed it all the way, right from the early beginnings of am-I-really-watching-this, all through to these-cant-be-real-humans, till the point of I-can’t-believe-I’m-still-watching-this. Just discovered (always proudly late to a party) that they did a 1-year anniversary special of The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now and it has been immediately decided that this is what I’ll be doing with my life in the near future. You can watch it here, fellow Hills lovers. 
4. I need to some version of this golden milk (haldi doodh but with coconut milk) urgently. It’s been begging me since weeks now. If you’ve tried the coco version, please give verdict?
5. Always liked Retrograde by James Blake (here) but just recently fell for this hypnotic Finn Pilly edit. SO good.
Have a great Monday and an even better start to the year.


  1. Hi shahzeen, i would like to share some meditation links with you, which I followed when I was looking for it. For me it was really helpful because I wasn't able to concentrate before. This guy tells the exact thing. I hope it work for you too.

  2. Jennifer anistons house is sooooooo beautiful. Uffff

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